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Scholz Looks to South America to Reduce Germany’s Dependence on Chinese Critical Resources

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has spent the past few days crisscrossing South America in a bid to find alternative sources of critical minerals, notably lithium, that his country's powerful auto industry now relies predominantly on China to supply.  Over the weekend, ...

Countries in Asia and the Americas Account For Half of China’s Total Auto Exports

China is on the verge of displacing Germany to become the world's second-largest auto exporting nation (Japan is #1). This is a remarkable accomplishment given the speed that China's automakers have gained international market share, tripling sales to 2.5 million units since 2020.

Western Calls to De-Risk African Projects Echo China’s Approach

One of the underlying factors driving Chinese business in Africa is the role of state insurers like Sinosure in reducing the risk taken on by Chinese companies.  So it’s interesting to see that Western actors are slowly moving in ...

China Revealed Diplomatic Double Standard in Dealings With Some International Leaders

Xi Jinping did not disappoint China-watchers when he re-emerged on the international stage. After remaining in China during the pandemic, the last few weeks saw him greeting visiting leaders in Beijing and attending summits in Southeast Asia. He was a commanding ...

Why This European Man Is so Happy to Be in Vietnam

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz seemed visibly happy to be back in Southeast Asia over the weekend and specifically to be out of China. Chancellor Scholz arrived in Hanoi on Sunday to kick off a four-day visit to Southeast Asia that will also include ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Top State Department Official Says China’s Debt Relief Offer to Sri Lanka is “Not Enough”

Another senior U.S. diplomat has accused China of not doing enough to resolve Sri Lanka’s debt renegotiation, a sign that the island’s financial crisis is increasingly being framed geopolitically.
U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland said: “What China has offered so far is not enough. We need to see credible and specific assurances that they will meet the IMF standard of debt relief.”

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G7 Finance Ministers Step Up Criticism of China Over Global South Debt Relief, China Blames U.S.

China's apparent refusal to send officials to last week's annual meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund prompted widespread criticism from G7 finance ministers who accused Beijing of not doing enough to help resolve the growing debt crisis in Africa and other developing regions.

Trend Watch: Chinese Companies Moving Fast to Develop New EV Batteries

China's largest battery makers are moving quickly to introduce a new generation of power packs for electric vehicles that, in some cases, don't use controversial metals like cobalt. There are two main players to watch in this new battery tech race: ...

Q&A: How Will the G7’s PGII Differ from China’s BRI? An Expert Weighs In

Responses to the G7’s Partnership for Global Infrastructure Investment (PGII) have run the gamut from enthusiastic approval to strident condemnation. However, many have also raised questions about how the initiative will actually work.  While the PGII is currently presented as an ...

U.S. Forms Coalition to Break China’s Hold on Critical Mineral Supply Chains

The United States, along with partner countries in North America, Europe, and Asia unveiled a new Mineral Security Partnership (MSP) pact earlier this month that aims to challenge China's control of supply chains for critical resources like cobalt and rare earths.

Chinese Lending Poses “Serious Danger” to Poor Countries Warns German Chancellor

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz became the latest Western leader to warn about the purported systemic risks to the global economy posed by Chinese lending to developing countries.  Chancellor Scholz addressed the issue at an event in Stuttgart ...
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