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South-South Cooperation in Economically Perilous Times

For 70+ years, development economists have been touting the idea that if lesser developed countries trade and invest collaboratively, it would serve as a pathway out of poverty. But today, the notion of so-called South-South cooperation is facing unprecedented challenges as ...

Preview: The G7’s China-Global South Problem

While China won’t formally attend this week’s G7 summit, starting from Thursday in Japan, it’s likely to dominate the discussions anyway. The bloc (made up of France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy, and Canada) is not known ...

China Now Getting Serious About Global South Debt Relief Because “They Are Now Being Burned” Says IMF Chief

The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, is once again signaling that China is now serious about participating in multilateral debt restructuring efforts for the world's poorest countries. Georgieva said on Monday that Beijing's reluctance to accept losses ...

The More We Get Together: Benefits of Cofinancing Development Projects in the Global South

By Cecilia Springer The Global South faces major financing gaps for achieving sustainable development goals. At the same time, the main infrastructure initiatives seeking to fill these gaps - China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the US-led Partnership for Global Infrastructure ...

Geopolitical Pressure Is Just One of the Global South’s Problems

I'm writing to you shortly after recording a podcast episode with the technology expert John Lee about the ramifications of the U.S.-China tech dispute for the rest of the world. That conversation will reach your inbox next week, but it made ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Argentina Scores $924 Million in Deals from China

Argentina’s Economy Minister Sergio Massa managed to secure almost a billion dollars‘ worth of investment deals on the first leg of his trip to China.
He is on an economic rescue mission, with talks expected to renew and extend a currency swap agreement in order to infuse much-needed foreign money into the Argentinian economy.

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Evan Feigenbaum on Why Xi’s Russia Visit is Critical for China’s Global South Agenda

Speculating about Chinese President Xi Jinping's motives for meeting with Vladimir Putin and whether he's serious about brokering a peace settlement between Russia and Ukraine or just trolling the West has become something of a parlor game among China Watchers.

China Not to Blame for Debt Crisis in Developing Countries, Say a Chorus of Chinese Spokespeople in Beijing

Don't blame us, blame them emerged as a sort of chorus among various Chinese spokespeople in Beijing in recent days. They're all pushing back against accusations that Beijing is the cause of the worsening debt crisis in Africa, Asia and other Global South regions.

Stand-off Between China and Western Creditors Leading to Unprecedented Delays In Debt Relief for Poor Countries

Just ten years ago, it usually took less than two months for a debt-distressed country to get a sign-off from the International Monetary Fund for emergency financial relief, but that is no longer the case, according to new data compiled by Reuters.

A Call for the African Union to Break the Global South Debt Impasse

Gyude Moore, a senior policy fellow at the Center for Global Development, is among a small group of Washington, D.C.-based analysts trying to devise practical solutions for how developing countries can unblock the current impasse preventing debt-distressed countries from restructuring their loans.

When it Comes to the Global South Debt Crisis, the Chinese Message is Clear: Don’t Talk About China, Just Focus on the West

Chinese scholars and U.S. and European officials seem to follow the same playbook on debt. Both sides are highly selective in their assessment of the worsening debt crisis in developing countries by focusing disproportionate attention on opponents' role while conveniently overlooking their own contribution to the problem. ...
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