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Chinese Expert: Global North’s Sudden Concern about Global South Reflects Power Shift

As China’s decades-long focus on South-South cooperation results in strong relationships throughout the developing world, Global North powers like the United States and Japan are suddenly discovering their concern for the Global South in order to shore up their own fading influence.

Ghana Shows the Global South’s Debt Problem is Bigger than China

The news that Ghana has defaulted on its external debt is sending shivers through the continent. It immediately raises questions about how the Ghanaian people will overcome the crisis and which country could be next. In response to the default, today’s newsletter examines the debt issue from ...

More Nuance Needed in Discussion About Xi’s Party Congress Speech and What It Signals About China’s Engagement in the Global South

A recent column by CGSP Editor-in-Chief Eric Olander that said Xi Jinping's speech at the 20th Party Congress last Sunday pointed to a re-prioritization of Chinese foreign policy objectives focused primarily on competition with the U.S. and fortifying its near-abroad sparked a robust discussion online. 

Why Developing Countries Should Be Worried About Xi’s Congress Speech

Watching Xi Jinping's big speech at the 20th Party Congress, I kept wondering if anyone at the foreign ministries in Kenya, Chile, or Morocco was also watching the live feed. My guess is probably not very many. I get it, listening ...

China-Global South and the Long Shadow of Empire

Writing is slow on my side today because as someone living in a former British colony, I can't tear myself away from Twitter reactions to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Even as British Twitter is dominated by stiff-upper-lip memorials, Irish, ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Top State Department Official Says China’s Debt Relief Offer to Sri Lanka is “Not Enough”

Another senior U.S. diplomat has accused China of not doing enough to resolve Sri Lanka’s debt renegotiation, a sign that the island’s financial crisis is increasingly being framed geopolitically.
U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland said: “What China has offered so far is not enough. We need to see credible and specific assurances that they will meet the IMF standard of debt relief.”

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