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Publicly, China Says It’s Not Worried About Closer Japan-India Ties

The Chinese Foreign Ministry did not formally respond to this week's Japan-India summit, but as is so often the case, Beijing leveraged the sharp-tongued CPC-run Global Times newspaper to speak on its behalf. And if Monday's editorial is anything to go ...

Chinese Government Warns AUKUS Submarine Deal Will Trigger a New Arms Race in Asia-Pacific

The Chinese government warned that the deployment of nuclear-powered attack submarines to Australia would provoke a dangerous new arms race and undermine the increasingly fragile stability in the Asia-Pacific region. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin issued a blunt response when ...

Xinhua: The U.S. Deliberately Distorts Chinas’s Role in the African Debt Crisis

The burgeoning debt crisis in a growing number of African countries is increasingly seen by the Chinese government as another front in Beijing's competition with Western powers like the U.S. A recent article published earlier this month by the official Xinhua ...

Why China Must Partner With Global South Countries to Build a “New International System”

China should respond to pressures from the United States and its allies by building a new global system based on coalitions with Global South countries. So argues Yang Ping, the publisher and editor-in-chief of the influential magazine Beijing Cultural Review.

Iran Leans Into Ties With China to Ease the Sanctions Burden From the U.S., Say Scholars

Iran's shift away from engagement with the U.S. and Europe and towards China is the key theme of this week's visit to Beijing by President Ebrahim Raisi, according to two of China's leading Mideast scholars. Professor Ding Long from Shanghai International ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Xi Bets on Global South in Moscow

Today is a public holiday in South Africa – Human Rights Day. There’s a certain irony in spending the day focusing on China’s President Xi Jinping’s visit to Vladimir Putin, knee-deep in a human rights disaster.
What one makes of the Ukraine crisis increasingly maps on where one lives. This is made clear by a remarkable new set of polling data recently published by the European Council on Foreign Relations ...

Chinese Scholar on Why Railway Financing Makes Sense for Beijing, Despite Criticism

Chinese-financed railways in Asia and Africa have sparked enormous controversies over whether it was wise for countries like Kenya, Indonesia, Nigeria and Laos to put themselves in so much debt for infrastructure that will take decades to become profitable, if it ever does.

Chinese Expert: Global North’s Sudden Concern about Global South Reflects Power Shift

As China’s decades-long focus on South-South cooperation results in strong relationships throughout the developing world, Global North powers like the United States and Japan are suddenly discovering their concern for the Global South in order to shore up their own fading influence.

China’s Ties With India Will be Competitive and Confrontational Says Leading India Scholar

One of China's leading India scholars, Liu Zongyi, a senior fellow at the prestigious Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS), outlined a grim vision for the future of Sino-Indian relations, warning that they'll be contentious, competitive and even confrontational. Liu's outlook ...

U.S., Europe Backseat Drivers in Africa: Expert

He Wenping, the Program Director at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Institute of West-Asian and African Studies and one of China’s most prominent Africa experts, laid into U.S. and European efforts in Africa. In an interview in the magazine Guancha, ...

Chinese Scholars Reflect on Qin Gang’s First Africa Tour

There wasn't much media coverage or online discussion in China about Qin Gang's week-long visit to Africa that ended Sunday in Cairo, especially compared to previous years when the visit was widely touted on Party-controlled media outlets. Interest was probably diminished ...
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