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USAID Emails Reveal Anxiety Over China’s Solomon Islands Security Pact

Newly-released emails obtained by Al Jazeera through a Freedom of Information request highlight U.S. unease over China's recent security agreement with the Solomon Islands. "Yikes! This is very troubling," said Ryan Washburn, USAID mission director to the ...

Solomon Islands Assure Australia on Chinese Base, Leaves Some Wiggle Room

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare of the Solomon Islands assured Australia’s visiting Foreign Minister Penny Wong that China won’t be allowed to build a permanent military base there.  Wong told journalists: “I welcomed Prime Minister Sogavare’s ...

New Law Governing Chinese “Non-War” Military Operations Implemented

A draft law regulating the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s “Military Operations Other than War” (MOOTW) took effect on Wednesday. The regulation covers activities like disaster relief, humanitarian aid, escort operations, and peacekeeping.  Signed by President ...

China’s Special Envoy For the Horn of Africa Makes Final Preparations Ahead of Next Week’s Peace Conference

China's Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa met last week with diplomatic representatives from the eight Horn of Africa countries to go over details ahead of next Monday's first-ever Chinese-sponsored HoA peace conference that it's co-hosting with the Ethiopian government.

Wang Yi Wraps Up Central Asia Tour With Promises of Closer Economic and Security Ties

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is heading home after a four-day trip to Kazakhstan this week, where he sought to bolster trade and security ties with five Central Asian countries. The group, known as the China + Central Asia or C+C5, 

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

What Will U.S. Diplomats Talk About Now?

After knowing for weeks that the end of Roe v Wade was coming, its official end was still a shock.

As an outsider, I worried about my American friends and the countless poor, black, brown, and LGBT+ Americans that will suffer the effects of this decision.

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U.S. Worried (Again) About New Chinese Military Base… This Time in Cambodia

Ream Naval Base, a naval facility in Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand currently being expanded by Chinese contractors, will accommodate Chinese military vessels, according to reports in The Washington Post and other publications.  This is the newest 

China’s Emerging Global Security Agenda Extends From Djibouti to the Solomon Islands

By Lukas Fiala In April, China confirmed the signing of a bilateral security agreement with the Solomon Islands, a supposed draft of which had been leaked a few weeks earlier. Last week, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi embarked on an ...

Biden and Ardern Are Both Unhappy About the Solomon Islands’ Security Pact With China

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and U.S. President Joe Biden expressed their shared concern for China's ambitions to expand its influence in the South Pacific. Prime Minister Ardern met with the President at ...

The End of Strategic Ambiguity on Taiwan: A Reset or Repeat for U.S.-Global South Relations?

By Mariah Thornton “Yes, that's the commitment we made.” These words from President Biden during an official visit to Japan marked the end of U.S. strategic ambiguity on the Taiwan question. That question is: would the U.S. defend Taiwan if China ...

Wang South Pacific Tour Provokes Strong Response From Both Australia and New Zealand

Anxieties in Australia and New Zealand about China's growing influence in the Solomon Islands and the greater South Pacific had already been running high before Wang's arrival on Wednesday. Now, however, those worries have moved into overdrive. The governments in both ...
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