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China Nearly Done With Its Aid Program to Bring Satellite TV to 10,000 Rural Communities Across Africa

It's been almost ten years since Chinese President Xi Jinping unveiled a plan at the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation summit in Johannesburg to install satellite television dishes in 10,000 rural African communities. Now, nine years later, only a few hundred installations are left.

Putting Geopolitical Competition on Display: Sierra Leonian President Visits China

By Lucas Engel On Saturday, March 2, 2024, Julius Maada Bio, the President of Sierra Leone, returned from China, marking the end of the year’s first visit to China by an African head of state.

China Announces Double-Digit Budget Increase for Diplomacy

China is sharply increasing its budget for diplomacy and influence-building around the world after three years of retreat from the world stage. The announcement of a 12.2% increase follows Foreign Minister Qin Gang’s recent comment that “Chinese ...

China’s COVID Response Boosts Foreign Aid

China's donations of physical aid jumped by 40% last year to $1.3 billion. The bulk of these donations were in response to the COVID pandemic, including vaccines and food.

More Chinese Flood Aid to Pakistan

China will provide additional humanitarian aid, including 25,000 tents, to flood-devastated Pakistan, China's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said Monday. The Red Cross Society of China will also provide $300,000 in emergency cash assistance to the Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Zhao said.  ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Zimbabwe Agreement Could Signal China’s Return to African Rail

TransTech, a subsidiary of China Railway Group, reportedly signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the state-owned National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) that could lead to a recapitalization of the country’s railway network.
Bloomberg reports that the agreement is currently limited to studying the project and producing a feasibility report by the end of June. Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube said: “It is our expectation that in the upcoming Forum for China and Africa taking place ...

China Cancels Nearly Two Dozen Interest-Free Loans to 17 African Countries

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi unveiled a minor debt relief package for 17 African countries, writing off 23 interest-free loans that came due at the end of the last year. Wang made the announcement on Thursday at a meeting ...

UK Reshapes Foreign Aid Strategy to Confront China 

The United Kingdom has announced major shifts in its foreign aid strategy. These changes put the UK in closer alignment with the United States, and redirect aid spending toward geopolitical goals, particularly containing China’s rise. UK foreign aid has been cut by $4 billion since 2020.

Rare $20 Million Chinese Aid Grant to Uganda

The Chinese embassy in Kampala announced that Beijing will provide Uganda with a $20 million aid grant intended to support social development initiatives. While this sum doesn't stand out compared to Western aid allocations, it is notable because these kinds of conventional aid ...

How Effective is China’s Foreign Aid? The IMF Takes a Look

While China's financing to the Global South has reshaped international development, many misconceptions exist about the nature of this funding.  While China is a major funder of infrastructure, experts on international development have pointed out that it is not ...

European MP: We’ve Just Been “Doing the Donor Thing” in Africa and Now “Have to be Smart Like the Chinese”

Although China will likely not be on the official agenda at the upcoming European Union-Africa summit that will take place on Thursday and Friday in Brussels, China's role on the continent and how Europe can/should compete with Beijing will be on everyone's minds.
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