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WEEK IN REVIEW: Russian Military Frigate Docked in Cape Town, on the Way to Controversial Joint Military Exercises With China and South Africa

A Russian military frigate has docked in South Africa's Cape Town harbor, on the way to controversial joint military exercises with China and South Africa. Operation Mosi will take place off the coast of Durban from February 17 to 27. (FRANCE24) Iranian ...

China, Syria Blame U.S. Sanctions on Damascus for Hampering Earthquake Relief

China will send $4.4 million in emergency humanitarian aid to earthquake-hit Syria. The announcement came as China also echoed a call by Damascus for U.S. and European sanctions to be lifted to facilitate the delivery of aid. The ...

Chinese Search and Rescue Teams Now on the Ground in Turkey with Dozens More on the Way

An 82-person Chinese search and rescue team is on the ground in earthquake-hit Türkiye after arriving at Adana airport on Wednesday. The team brought 20 tons of medical supplies, rescue equipment, and four sniffer dogs. The team 

China Sends Personnel, Aid to Assist With Quake Recovery in Türkiye

China announced a series of measures to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to Türkiye and Syria in response to Tuesday's devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed at least 8,000 people. Beijing is still a relatively new actor in being able ...