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Chinese-Run Gold Mines in Niger Ordered Shut After Animals Die

Several gold mines in northern Niger managed by a Chinese company were ordered to temporarily close after dozens of animals died from drinking wastewater, local authorities told AFP on Sunday. Herders around the town of Tabelot had pointed to Sahara SARL's ...

Taiwan Slams Bolivia for Quake Solidarity With China

Taiwan's foreign minister lashed out at Bolivia on Saturday for expressing solidarity with China following an earthquake that struck the island Beijing views as its own. At least ten people were killed and more than 1,100 injured by the magnitude 7.2 ...

SPECIAL REPORT: How Indonesia’s Soaring Iron Exports to China Creates Higher Tsunami Risks, Threatens Food Security In Local Village

In a small village on Indonesia’s Sumatra island that stares at the vastness of the Indian Ocean, tsunamis may come at any given moment. The village’s beautiful coastlines, rich with nature reserves of mangroves and corals, guard it against the disaster. But now, residents worry the coastlines ...

‘It Worries Me Deeply’: Five Chinese Experts on Climate Change

By China Dialogue We asked five environmental experts from academia and civil society what they made of the Year of the Rabbit, and what they were most proud of. Last year the world was warmer ...

Two Chinese Factories Closed Down in Angola for Safety Violations and Mistreatment of Workers

Angolan media reported that a Chinese metals processing factory was shuttered for operating without a license and polluting the water. In a separate case, 131 local workers were rescued from a Chinese plastics factory. The metals processing factory was allegedly not ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Zimbabwe Agreement Could Signal China’s Return to African Rail

TransTech, a subsidiary of China Railway Group, reportedly signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the state-owned National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) that could lead to a recapitalization of the country’s railway network.
Bloomberg reports that the agreement is currently limited to studying the project and producing a feasibility report by the end of June. Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube said: “It is our expectation that in the upcoming Forum for China and Africa taking place ...

African Union Donkey Skin Trade Ban Laudable but Doubt, Pessimism Cloud Implementation

By 2020, the global donkey population stood at 53 million, two-thirds in Africa. Using the estimated human population in Africa, simple math shows that one donkey serves at least 37 people, making it a critical resource for the continent’s economy.

Investor Promoting Chinese-Engineered ‘Magic Grass’ in Kenya

A plantation of Juncao contributes to air purification and reduces soil degradation. The waste products from Juncao are useful including the dry leaves which are converted into briquettes to replace firewood.

Lack of Political Will in Ghana Fuels Illegal Rosewood Logging, Smuggling to China

Such is the desire for rosewood that it’s the world’s most trafficked wild product —more than ivory, rhino horn, and pangolin scales combined.

China’s Chief Climate Negotiator Reflects on Progress

As both the world’s largest carbon emitter and a global leader in renewable energy, China plays a key role in climate negotiations. A recent interview with Su Wei, Beijing’s chief negotiator on climate and a pivotal figure at last year’s COP28 ...

5 Most Important China Stories of 2023 in Southeast Asia’s Climate Landscape

With the overwhelming war in Gaza and the return of rising COVID-19 cases around the world, as we end the year, it’s easy to lose track of other defining events in the past twelve months.  From China’s river diplomacy in Mekong ...
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