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COVID Lockdowns Hit Cobalt Prices

Chinese cobalt prices fell about 13% from a peak in May as China’s ongoing COVID lockdowns hit demand for electric vehicles.  The dynamic reveals a gap between the Chinese domestic price for the metal and how that price ...

Worsening Criminal Attacks on Chinese in DRC 

Attacks against Chinese nationals in the DRC’s mining provinces of Lualaba and Haut-Katanga are worsening. Chinese community groups have listed ten violent incidents in the region since late May.  The city of Lubumbashi has seen most of the attacks, ...

Who is behind China Molybdenum in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

Who exactly is controlling the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Tenke Fungurume Mine (TFM), one of the largest copper and cobalt mines in the world, remains a mystery. Officially, the Chinese mining giant China Molybdenum (CMOC) is in a partnership with the DRC’s state-owned mining company Gécamines ...

Mobile Phone Giant Tecno Wants a Piece of Kenya’s Booming Mobile Money Market

Transsion's Tecno brand is expanding its new mobile money service to Kenya this week. “The wallet has pilot launched in Nigeria in May, and roll-out to Kenya in middle of June," the company said in a statement. A mobile payment option from ...

Tibor Nagy’s Disingenuous Questioning of Chinese Mining Investments in Africa

Like an inquisitor against a backdrop of anti-Chinese criticism, former U.S. Undersecretary of State for Africa Tibor Nagy posted a tweet questioning China's role in the African mining sector: ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

What Will U.S. Diplomats Talk About Now?

After knowing for weeks that the end of Roe v Wade was coming, its official end was still a shock.

As an outsider, I worried about my American friends and the countless poor, black, brown, and LGBT+ Americans that will suffer the effects of this decision.

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DRC Cobalt Shipments to China Resume Via the Port of Durban

Cargo vessels loaded with Congolese cobalt are once again making their way to China now that port operations in Durban are beginning to recover. The port was shut for weeks after severe floods last month blocked the roads and railways that transport the ...

Speed is the One of the Key Hallmarks of Chinese Infrastructure Diplomacy in Africa

Chinese ambassador to the DR Congo, Zhu Jing, touted the rapid pace of construction of the new Kinsuka power station that's being built by Shanghai Power in the capital Kinshasa. Just 10 months after construction began, said Zhu on Twitter, the new station is ...

DRC Industry Minister Meets With Two Key Chinese Players in the EV Battery Business

A meeting last week between a pair of senior Chinese executives and the DR Congo's Industry Minister, Julien Paluku, hints that the government is moving to expand domestic processing of raw materials used to manufacture electric vehicle batteries.

Lightning Round: U.S. Summits, Huawei and Chinese Mining in the DRC

In this Lightning Round edition of the show, CAP Managing Editor Cobus van Staden and CAP Francophone Editor Geraud Neema break down three of the week's big stories. First, Cobus explains why African leaders would ...

Chinese and Australian Companies Battle For Control of Massive Congolese Lithium Mine

Two mining majors, one from China and the other from Australia, are fighting a pitched battle over a 15% share of the massive Manono lithium mine in the southern Democratic Republic of the Congo. While normally such a small ...
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