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DRC Government Tries to Reframe Underwhelming Beijing Visit

Félix Tshisekedi, the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, left for a trip to Beijing last week amid sky-high expectations of both new deals and the significant reworking of current agreements widely seen in his country as favoring Chinese actors. None of this happened.

China’s Complicated Involvement in Afghanistan’s Extractive Industry

During the 18-19 May China-Central Asia summit, President Xi Jinping pledged to “continue to help the Afghan people maintain security and stability and realize peace and reconstruction. We will work together to build a Central Asia that features no conflict.” While accepting the good tidings, the ...

TRANSLATION: Deaths, Work Accidents, Busting Unions, Criminalization: The Fate of Indonesian and Chinese Workers in the Gunbuster Nickel Industry

The following is a summary translation of an article on Project Multatuli, written by journalist Permata Adinda, on the plights of nickel workers at Chinese-owned nickel firm Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI) in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.  At about ten in the evening ...

Anti-Chinese Campaign on Nigerian Twitter Raises Questions

Readers following West Africa-China relations will know that unhappiness about Chinese involvement in small-scale mining is ongoing, especially in Ghana. However, a new campaign on Nigerian Twitter under the tag #STOPCHINESEILLEGALMINING is raising all kinds of questions. First, a significant number of the ...

Q&A: Indonesian, Chinese Nickel Workers Struggle With Racial Tension, But Must Tread Path to Solidarity

This year opened with a clash that erupted between Indonesian and Chinese workers at Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI), a Chinese-owned nickel processing plant in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, claiming lives from each side. It’s tempting to count the clash as evidence ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Proposed New York Law Could Reshape Debt Negotiations Around the World

A bill currently under consideration in New York State could reshape sovereign debt renegotiations around the world by making private creditors accept the same losses as the U.S. government would as a sovereign creditor instead of holding out for a full payback.
The bill comes as countries like Zambia and Sri Lanka face their loan renegotiations being dragged out for years as U.S.-based private lenders stonewall to obtain better deals. 52% of the ...

Lots of Pomp, Little Substance: DRC President Didn’t Get Much Out of His Trip to China

DR Congo President Félix Tshisekedi is wrapping up his near-week-long visit to China with a two-day stopover in Hong Kong before returning home later Monday. The president will meet with Chief Executive John Lee ka-chiu and members of the territory's powerful business community.

[WEEK IN REVIEW] Chinese Hacking in Kenya & DRC President Goes to Beijing

This week CGSP Francophone Africa Editor Geraud Neema joins Eric & Cobus to discuss DR Congo President Félix Tshiskedi's state visit to China which comes at a critical time for the Congolese leader. Tshisekedi is going to pressure his Chinese hosts ...

Why Felix Tshisekedi’s Visit to Beijing is the Weightiest Trip of His Career

Felix Tshisekedi arrives in China at a politically charged moment at home. 2023 is an election year, he faces a large opposition that not only brings together his prominent opponent Martin Fayulu, but also the former governor of Katanga (and Tshisekedi’s former political ally) Moise Katumbi.

Key Lessons From Indonesia’s China-Backed Mining & Infrastructure Ventures

Indonesia is a pioneer among developing countries for its efforts in moving up the EV battery metal value chain. Whereas most other countries like the DR Congo and Chile export raw commodities that are processed elsewhere, Indonesia now requires all of ...

Turns Out, There Are Grievances on Both Sides of the China-DR Congo Relationship

Ahead of President Tshisekedi's arrival in Beijing on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Qin Gang met his Congolese counterpart Christophe Lutundula yesterday. Beyond the formalities and diplomatic courtesies reaffirming the strength of relations between the two countries, Qin made a comment that may ...
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