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Chinese-Built Dam Offers Hope in Kenya

The building of the Thwake multipurpose dam began in 2018 and has nurtured hopes that food security will be achieved in the village.

The dam is designed to provide water for drinking, irrigation and 20 megawatts of hydropower. Despite delays, it looks likely to be completed this year, according to an engineer involved in the project.

El Niño Triggers Food Crisis in Southern Africa

The brutal drought has been brought on primarily by El Niño. This natural, recurring weather phenomenon raises surface temperatures across parts of the Pacific Ocean. These warmer patches impact weather patterns globally, including by lowering rain levels in Southern Africa.

Chinese “Simba” Dedicates Life to Wildlife Conservation in Kenya

To reduce wildlife-human conflict, Simba came up with “predator bomas” which are 20 square meter cages that protect livestock from lions, hyenas and other carnivores. The funds for these bomas are provided by Simba’s partners from around the world, including the Chinese community in Kenya.

With the cages, Simba added that they do not get many conflicts.

The Case for Early Retirement of Chinese Financed Overseas Coal Plants

By Cecilia Springer China leads the world in domestic renewable energy installation and low-carbon manufacturing and is increasingly positioning itself as a climate leader through its development financing in the Global South. However, China ...

Chinese EV Tech in Kenya’s Mass Transport: The BasiGo Story

In 2022, BasiGo, an early-stage e-mobility start-up, imported two electric buses from BYD, a Chinese conglomerate and the world’s largest EV company. The plan was to address the mass transport needs by providing these buses to enable the country’s shift to clean transport. The idea was to study the BYD technology and then replicate it in Kenya by locally assembling bus parts sourced from the giant Chinese EV manufacturer.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Philippine President Ramps Up Rhetoric as Local Attitudes Harden

The President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., told soldiers to be ready for any conflict amid a potential overlap of his country’s tensions with China in the South China Sea and growing tensions between China and Taiwan.
Speaking to troops at a base in the northern Isabela province on Monday, Marcos said: “The external threat now has become more pronounced, has become more worrisome, and that is why we have to ...

Chinese Energy Diplomacy in Mali to Increase Renewable Energy Generation

Chinese companies are said to have quietly joined Africa’s renewable energy revolution. In March 2023, China Power Construction Corporation held a special 10-day training program for Mali focused on energy supply chains, including construction and maintenance. It was the 112th such program in a developing nation.

China Commits $49 Million for Burkina Faso’s Donsin Airport Solar Power Plant

The Chinese loan also comes at a time when Burkina Faso is seeking to improve its relations with international partners following the 2022 military coup and the ongoing geopolitics between Russia, the U.S., China and France.

Indonesia May Be Wasting Its Ties With China and Climate Partnership Full Potentials

We are still six months away from the official presidential inauguration. Still, China has already invited Indonesian President-elect Prabowo Subianto to visit Beijing to meet Chinese leader Xi Jinping in person. During the visit, Prabowo reiterated his promise to continue Jokowi's development model, including partnerships with China.  ...

SPECIAL REPORT: How Indonesia’s Soaring Iron Exports to China Creates Higher Tsunami Risks, Threatens Food Security In Local Village

In a small village on Indonesia’s Sumatra island that stares at the vastness of the Indian Ocean, tsunamis may come at any given moment. The village’s beautiful coastlines, rich with nature reserves of mangroves and corals, guard it against the disaster. But now, residents worry the coastlines ...

What 22 Years of China-Africa Trade, Development Finance, and FDI Reveals About Renewable Energy Support for African Countries

By Oyintarelado Moses Energy access and transition are prominent development objectives in African countries. Across the continent, 43% of the population does not have access to electricity and 670 million people lack access to ...
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