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Anti-Chinese Campaign on Nigerian Twitter Raises Questions

Readers following West Africa-China relations will know that unhappiness about Chinese involvement in small-scale mining is ongoing, especially in Ghana. However, a new campaign on Nigerian Twitter under the tag #STOPCHINESEILLEGALMINING is raising all kinds of questions. First, a significant number of the ...

Pakistani Protestors Burn Historical Chinese Fighter Jet Monument

A Pakistani crowd protesting the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan on corruption charges set fire to a monument celebrating China-Pakistan military cooperation. The monument is a reproduction of the Shenyang F-6 aircraft, a Chinese-made replica of the Soviet MiG-21, ...

Controversial China Square Shopping Mall Re-Opens in Nairobi, Prompting Heated Debate About Chinese Imports

Nearly two weeks after being shuttered due to protests from competing traders, China Square, a Nairobi shop selling inexpensive Chinese imports, is back in business. This follows talks between the Kenyan authorities and the local Chinese chamber of commerce. It seems that ...

Kenyan Merchants and Consumers Face Off Over Chinese Imports

Kenyan traders staged a street protest against Chinese competitors they say are undercutting them. This follows the targeting of China Square by Trade Secretary Moses Kuria. The popular new Chinese-run store offers imported products at prices 50% lower than traders.

China’s COVID Chaos Bites South African Trade

China’s COVID-related shutdowns and protests are hitting South African businesses. The Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) said the disruptions compounded earlier delays on the SA side.  “China is responsible for so much of the products we consume. ...

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Argentina Scores $924 Million in Deals from China

Argentina’s Economy Minister Sergio Massa managed to secure almost a billion dollars‘ worth of investment deals on the first leg of his trip to China.
He is on an economic rescue mission, with talks expected to renew and extend a currency swap agreement in order to infuse much-needed foreign money into the Argentinian economy.

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Commodity Exporters in Developing Countries Fret as China’s Worsening COVID Outbreaks, Protests Prompts Sell-Off

Commodity sellers in Africa, the Middle East and the Americas are becoming increasingly anxious over the situation in China, where days of street protests and COVID outbreaks across the country are weighing down the price of their key exports.

How the Chinese Protests Are Being Discussed in South Africa

Coverage of the ongoing protests in China has been relatively muted in major African media markets like Kenya and Nigeria. Most outlets only covered the protests sporadically and mostly relied on Western news agencies. Much more coverage was dedicated to Africa-China issues, like trade and ...

No International Reaction to China Protests, Beijing Formulating Counter Narrative

International reaction to the extraordinary public protests underway in the streets and university campuses across China has been muted so far. Aside from a scathing statement from the British Broadcasting Corporation over the violent detention of one of its reporters in Shanghai ...

Journalists, Scholars Try to Make Sense of What’s Happening in China

Protests in China are not a new phenomenon. Every year, tens of thousands take place across the country. But those so-called "everyday protests" tend to be much smaller in size, localized and rarely challenge the core essence of the Communist Party, civil rights or Xi Jinping himself. ...