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WEEK IN REVIEW: India Announces That Next Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit Will Take Place Virtually

India, the current president of the Eurasia-focused Shanghai Cooperation Organization announced the China-centered bloc’s next summit will take place virtually. According to the Indian press, the decision was aimed at avoiding awkward face-to-face meetings between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping (and Pakistan’s PM ...

China, India Feud Intensifies as Both Countries Expel Nearly All Journalists From the Other Country

The Chinese government said it is taking what it described as "appropriate countermeasures" against India for expelling its journalists from the country. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning told reporters on Wednesday it would retaliate against New Delhi for last month's decision ...

Scholar: Tense Sino-Indian Relations Now the “New Normal”

China's ties with India suffered a major blow when the two countries engaged in a brief, violent skirmish along their disputed border in the Ladakh/Tibet Autonomous Region in 2020 -- triggering a surge of mutual distrust that continues to roil ties to the present day.

G7 Food Security Plan “A Castle in the Sky”: Chinese Researcher

At their summit in Hiroshima, Japan, earlier in mid-May, the Group of Seven wealthy industrial nations committed themselves to improving global food security. The Hiroshima Statement for Resilient Global Food Security called for increasing development assistance and food aid to address an ...

China, U.S. Compete in Military Cooperation With South China Sea Countries As Tension Simmers

This week it was confirmed that the U.S. and Japan will conduct joint exercises in the South China Sea with the Philippines. This comes as duels between Chinese vessels and counterparts from around the South China Sea are becoming an almost daily occurrence.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Argentina Scores $924 Million in Deals from China

Argentina’s Economy Minister Sergio Massa managed to secure almost a billion dollars‘ worth of investment deals on the first leg of his trip to China.
He is on an economic rescue mission, with talks expected to renew and extend a currency swap agreement in order to infuse much-needed foreign money into the Argentinian economy.

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Both Kenya and China Dismiss Reuters Report on Chinese Hacking as “Sheer Nonsense” and “Sponsored Propaganda”

The Chinese and Kenyan governments issued separate statements that blasted last week's report by Reuters that claimed Chinese hackers had penetrated the computer networks of eight Kenyan ministries. Citing security concerns, the report did not name any of the sources that ...

U.S.-Led Talks With Asian Countries Aims to Reduce Dependence on Chinese Supply Chains

The 14-member states of the U.S.-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) met in Detroit on Friday, where they said a deal to diversify supply chains beyond China is "substantially completed." U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo led the talks and said this ...

Chinese Ships Ignore Vietnam Demand To Leave Area Close to Russian-Run Gas Fields

A Chinese research ship and five escort vessels were in Vietnam's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) on Friday, close to gas blocks operated by Russian firms in the South China Sea, a day after Vietnam urged the ships to leave. The Chinese ...

Chinese Hackers Targeted Kenyan Government on Debt: Report

Kenya is abuzz following an exclusive report by Reuters that Chinese entities repeatedly hacked Kenyan government computer networks. The report cites cybersecurity reports and government sources to allege that unidentified Chinese actors surveilled eight Kenyan ministries and government departments for three years. The campaign reportedly included the office ...

This Graph Explains China’s Growing Influence in Latin America

Financial Times recently published a fascinating analysis of the constraints facing U.S. influence in Latin America. While U.S. policymakers face political opposition at home to the increased market access demanded by Latin American governments, the same isn't true for China. China's trade with Latin America surged from $12 ...
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