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China, Cambodia Deny Washington Post Report of New PLA Navy Base

Chinese and Cambodian officials were quick to dismiss a Washington Post report this week that claimed the Chinese are building a new base at the Ream naval base in Preah Sihanouk province. "Cambodia won’t allow the Chinese military to use it ...

U.S. Worried (Again) About New Chinese Military Base… This Time in Cambodia

Ream Naval Base, a naval facility in Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand currently being expanded by Chinese contractors, will accommodate Chinese military vessels, according to reports in The Washington Post and other publications.  This is the newest 

Toll Costs in Cambodia a Warning for Kenya?

As Kenyan stakeholders complain because tolls to use their new Nairobi Expressway have increased before the Chinese-built road has even opened, they should spare a thought for their compatriots in Cambodia. While the toll on the Nairobi Expressway will start from about $1 for ...