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How Chinese Maritime Forces Tried to Blockade a Philippines Re-Supply Mission in the South China Sea

In this image taken by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), seven Chinese vessels, including unmarked "maritime militia" ships, surrounded a pair of PCG ships during a re-supply mission on Friday.

A Primer on the Escalating Tensions in the South China Sea

The South China Sea is one of the world's most strategically vital maritime zones where more than $5 trillion of trade passes through each year -- a whopping 60% of the globe's total maritime commerce. It's also the epicenter of an ...

Chinese Maritime Incursions Prompt Palau President to Call on U.S. for Assistance

Recent breaches of Palau's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) prompted President Surangel Whipps, Jr. to call on the United States to increase the frequency of navy patrols near the small Pacific Island Country's maritime borders. There's been no comment from the Pentagon ...

Map of the Day: Why China’s Economic Clout in the Indian Ocean Will Be Hard to Beat

The Indian Ocean region is home to some of the world’s most important trade routes. It is also rife with choke points and conflict zones that put the region at the center of global geopolitical competition between China, the U.S. and other powers like India.

Maritime Tensions Surge in Western Pacific Amid Drills and Provocations by Some of the World’s Largest Navies

The South Korean Air Force scrambled fighter jets on Tuesday after two squadrons of Russian and Chinese military aircraft entered its air defense zone, the latest incursion across another country's international boundary by rival militaries operating in very close proximity in the Western Pacific.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Philippine Fishing Fleets Urged to Maintain Presence at Disputed Shoal as Tensions Build

The Philippine coastguard called on its country’s fishing fleets to keep operating around the Scarborough Shoal (known as Bajo de Masinloc in the Philippines and Huangyan Dao in China) despite the large Chinese presence in the disputed South China Sea area.
Coastguard spokesperson Jay Tarriela said while Philippine government vessels can’t maintain a constant presence, they are committed to protecting the country’s fishing rights in what it sees as its Exclusive Economic Zone.


Rival South China Sea Monitoring Agencies Debate Whether Chinese Vessels Are Targeting ASEAN-Indian Maritime Exercise

A debate broke out on Twitter on Monday over whether Chinese maritime militia vessels operating in the South China Sea had intentionally changed course in order to shadow the ongoing India-ASEAN joint naval exercises that are now underway there. Ray ...

Pirates Seize Chinese-run Oil Tanker in the Gulf of Guinea

Pirates took command of a Chinese-operated oil tanker this week 300 kilometers off the coast of Ivory Coast in the Gulf of Guinea, according to a London-based risk management company. Details about how many crew are being held captive and how ...

China Battles Six Other Countries to Run UN Maritime Agency

China is standing off against six other countries, including Kenya, Türkiye and Panama to lead the London-based International Maritime Organization, a United Nations specialized agency. Panama was widely thought to be the front-runner until Finland and China submitted candidates right before ...