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Vietnam and Japan Elevate Diplomatic Ties in Response to China’s Growing Assertiveness in Asia-Pacific

Vietnam added another major power to its growing list of top-tier diplomatic partners this week when President Võ Văn Thưởng announced the elevation of diplomatic ties with Japan to "Comprehensive Strategic Partnership" -- Hanoi's highest diplomatic status that puts Tokyo at the same level as China, the U.S., ...

Biden’s Economic Plan to Counter China’s Surging Economic Influence in Asia is Now at Death’s Door

U.S. President Joe Biden did his very best last week to put a brave face on during the family photo with other members of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), Washington's latest effort to challenge China's growing economic dominance in the region. ...

Domestic U.S. Politics Undermine Washington’s Ability to Challenge China’s Influence in Asia-Pacific

U.S. President Joe Biden will leave for Japan on Wednesday to attend a G7 leaders summit in Hiroshima, but rather than continue on to Australia and what would have been a landmark visit to Papua New Guinea (PNG), he'll head straight back to Washington instead.