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Chinese, Vietnamese Defense Ministers Agree to Set up Naval Hotline

China's new defense minister, Dong Jun, wrapped up a two-day visit to Vietnam on Friday, his first trip overseas since taking office, during which he held talks with Vietnam's Defense Minister, Phan Văn Giang. The two met on Thursday and Friday 

Cambodian PM Says Country to Build Canal With China

Prime Minister Hun Manet said Thursday that Cambodia will proceed with controversial plans to build a $1.7 billion canal linking the capital, Phnom Penh, to the sea. The Funan Techo Canal is the latest Chinese-backed infrastructure project in Cambodia, which received ...

Geopolitical Tensions Destroying South China Sea Coral Reefs: Report

While states compete in territorial disputes in the South China Sea, a hidden crisis is unfolding beneath the surface. The region’s shallow coral reefs are being devastated by industrial overfishing, rampant island-building, and reckless giant clam harvesting, with China and Vietnam ...

Vietnamese Leader Pursues Infrastructure, Energy Cooperation in China

The chairperson of Vietnam’s National Assembly, Vương Đình Huệ, continued his official visit to Beijing by meeting with executives from transport and energy companies. The meetings revealed the close political and infrastructure links between the countries. For example, in a meeting ...

Vietnam’s Powerful Legislative Leader in China for Talks in Which Both Sides Seek to Reassure the Other

Vietnam's powerful legislative leader, Vương Đình Huệ, kicked off a five-day visit to the Chinese capital on Monday with a meeting with President Xi Jinping. Huệ was received by Xi almost as if he were a visiting head of state, which may, ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Joint Battlefield Training to Raise Pressure in South China Sea

The U.S. military will reportedly introduce joint combat training with the Philippines in June. Major General Marcus Evans, commander of the U.S. 25th Infantry Division, told the Associated Press that the training would increase the Philippine army’s ability to fight in challenging jungle conditions.
The training will run from June 1 to 10. At Manila’s request, the training will be held in Philippine territory for the first time. It will involve about 2,000 people ...

Why a Chinese-Backed Canal Project in Cambodia is Making Vietnam Very Nervous

Former Cambodian strongman Hun Sen was in Beijing last week lobbying the Chinese government to move forward with the $1.7 billion Funan Techo Canal project which his son, President Hun Manet, has made the centerpiece of his new administration.

Fresh Off His Visit to Washington, Vietnam’s Foreign Minister Heads Straight to Beijing

Vietnamese Foreign Minister Bùi Thanh Sơn will be in Beijing on Wednesday and Thursday this week for talks with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi. The trip comes just one week after Sơn was in Washington, where he met with U.S. Secretary of State ...

Leaders Arrive in Beijing for What’s Going to be a Frenetic Week of Global South Diplomacy

Visiting heads of state, foreign ministers, and party leaders from Asia, the South Pacific, and the Caribbean arrived in Beijing this weekend for what's going to be a very busy week ahead for Chinese diplomacy specifically focused on small and mid-sized countries in the Global South.

Surveying the Geopolitical Landscape in SE Asia With ASEAN Wonk Prashanth Parameswaran

The escalating tensions between China, the Philippines, and the United States in the South China Sea highlight how Southeast Asia is now the most dangerous frontline in the burgeoning Great Power competition between Beijing and Washington.

Tracking the Movements of China’s Maritime Militia in the South China Sea

China sharply increased the deployment of its informal, ostensibly civilian fleet of fishing vessels known as its "maritime militia" that helps assert territorial claims in the South China Sea, according to new data from the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (AMTI) at the Center for Strategic and International ...
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