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China’s New Investment Priorities in Latin America and the Caribbean

For much of the past year, there's been a lot of talk about China's new leaner, more focused Belt and Road Initiative that goes by the mantra "Smart and Beautiful." The problem is very few people actually know what it looks ...

Argentina Election Could Usher in Dramatic Change in China Ties

Argentina’s neck-and-neck presidential election this week will decide between two starkly different candidates with wildly opposing visions for the country’s relations with China. Centrist Sergio Massa faces libertarian Javier Milei in the presidential runoff on Sunday, with polls showing a virtual ...

Argentinian President Leans Into China Ties while Dissent Brews at Home

Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández visited Shanghai ahead of the Belt and Road Forum. He met with Dilma Rousseff, the head of the BRICS-led New Development Bank, as well as leaders of several companies, including Huawei and several large infrastructure companies. Notable was a 

The Future of the Belt and Road Initiative in Latin America

There's growing anxiety in the United States over China's expanding presence in the Latin America-Caribbean (LAC) region. Last week, a Congressional subcommittee held another breathless hearing that warned of the dangers of "Communism on our shores."

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Wants to Lead the Effort to Curtail China’s Growing Influence in Latin America

U.S. anxieties about China's increasingly influential presence in Latin America and the Caribbean will be a popular topic of discussion on Capitol Hill this week. Conservative Texas Senator Ted Cruz will introduce a new bipartisan resolution that calls on the United States ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Misadventures in the Skin Trade

This week I spent a few days in Cape Town, in time for a minor, if telling, crisis in international agricultural trade. A ship crammed with 19,000 (mostly still living) cows was stuck in Cape Town harbor, en route from Brazil to the Middle East.
As South African animal welfare authorities scrambled to inspect the horrors on board, the city was enveloped in a powerful farmyard funk. The entire episode can ...

China and Venezuela Boost Ties

The relationship between China and Venezuela has been upgraded to an “all-weather strategic partnership,” reportedly China’s first such relationship in South America. The two governments signed several cooperation agreements ranging from mining and oil production to agriculture and space exploration. There is also a ...

Report: Suspected Chinese State-Backed Disinformation Campaign Targeting Latin America Detected

Suspected Chinese state-backed entities launched a series of Twitter accounts to disseminate pro-China messaging to audiences in several Latin American countries, including Paraguay, Costa Rica, Chile and Brazil, among others, according to the findings in a new report published by the U.S.-based cyber intelligence firm Nisos.

China’s Lending Money Again to Countries in the Americas

Chinese lending to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean is gaining momentum. For the second year in a row, China's two largest policy banks have increased lending to countries in the region, albeit in much smaller amounts than what they ...

China’s Lending to Latin America and the Caribbean Begins Again with Smaller, Targeted Support

By Rebecca Ray and Margaret Myers Chinese development lending to Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) has begun to rebound, according to the latest update of the Chinese Loans to Latin America and the Caribbean Database, maintained by the Boston University ...

Honduras Says Adiós Taiwan, Formally Establishes Diplomatic Ties With China

Honduran Foreign Minister Eduardo Enrique Reina looked visibly pleased this weekend when he shook hands with his Chinese counterpart Qin Gang after the pair formally oversaw the establishment of diplomatic ties. The signing ceremony took place at the Diaoyutai State ...
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