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Countries in Asia and the Americas Account For Half of China’s Total Auto Exports

China is on the verge of displacing Germany to become the world's second-largest auto exporting nation (Japan is #1). This is a remarkable accomplishment given the speed that China's automakers have gained international market share, tripling sales to 2.5 million units since 2020.

How China Became a Global E-Vehicle Leader

While Western automotive industries are trying to figure out how to decouple their supply chains from the Chinese battery sector, Chinese commentators don’t seem particularly panicked.  In fact, the e-vehicle industry is being touted as a national victory. This becomes clear ...

Chinese Automakers Look to Developing Countries to Boost Sales and Production

The war in Ukraine opened new production opportunities for Chinese automakers in Central Asia, while growing demand in Latin America and South Asia for SUVs and EVs has sparked a new sales push in those regions by some of China's largest car brands:

Global South Aids China’s Rise to Number 2 Global Car Exporter

China surpassed Germany to become the world’s second-largest car exporter, after Japan. New numbers from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers show that China moved up from the number three position it reached last year by displacing South Korea.

With Sales Slowing at Home, Chinese EV Giant BYD Looks to New Markets in the Global South

September sales of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) in China increased at the slowest pace in five months, providing fresh hints that relentless COVID lockdowns and a slowing Chinese economy may be taking a toll on the Chinese consumer. ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Xi Bets on Global South in Moscow

Today is a public holiday in South Africa – Human Rights Day. There’s a certain irony in spending the day focusing on China’s President Xi Jinping’s visit to Vladimir Putin, knee-deep in a human rights disaster.
What one makes of the Ukraine crisis increasingly maps on where one lives. This is made clear by a remarkable new set of polling data recently published by the European Council on Foreign Relations ...

Chinese Consumer Preferences Now Influencing Ford’s SUV Sales in Other Global South Markets

The new Ford Territory SUV crossover that will go on sale next year in Mexico will feature styling and interior features that were conceived for Chinese consumers. The Territory is the product of Ford's Chinese joint venture with state-owned Jiangling Motors Corporation. The two jointly designed the ...

China and the Race to Dominate EV Battery Supply Chains

A new movement is underway in the U.S. to strip China out of the global supply chain for electric vehicle batteries -- everything from the extraction of the minerals and metals to the processing of those resources to make the battery ...

Chinese Car Brands Pulling Ahead in South Africa 

Chinese car brands like Chery and Haval are outselling traditional favorites like Mercedes Benz and Ford in the South African market. Both brands sold more than a thousand cars in July, far beyond Western competitors.  Read more on the News24 ...

Thai Electric Vehicle Subsidy Draws Chinese Giant

The Chinese electric vehicle giant BYD will set up its first production facility in Thailand. The move is expected to put pressure on other manufacturers who are also foregrounding Thai business due to a coming government subsidy expected to boost ...

New Chinese Electric Vehicles Roll Off the Assembly Line in Indonesia

China's ambassador to Indonesia, Lu Kang, led a launch ceremony on Monday for the new Wuling Air EV that began to roll off a billion-dollar local assembly in the central industrial city of Cikarang. The new factory has a modest production capacity ...
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