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New Foreign Ministry Annex in Ghana and a Newly Refurbished Parliament Building in Malawi Are China’s Latest “Gifts” to African Governments

Ghana's Foreign Minister Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey was visibly excited to see what her new office will look like in the new $20 million foreign ministry annex building that will be entirely paid for by China. Botchwey was joined by the Chinese ambassador ...

It’s China, Not Africa That Could be Facing a Debt Trap: Report

At 12% of Africa’s total external debt, China didn’t cause the current wave of debt distress hitting the continent. But the crisis presents Beijing with a dilemma: should it strongarm these countries to get its money back or trade economic losses for diplomatic gains? ...

African Exploitation Videos Are Big Business on Chinese Social Media

The recent BBC documentary "Racism for Sale" pointed a powerful spotlight on the popular Chinese "blessing video" business that is both highly exploitative and very profitable. These videos feature Africans and people from other developing regions, often ...

The Chinese Internet Turned on Lu Ke, the Culprit in the BBC’s “Racism for Sale” Documentary

For years, the Chinese internet reflexively defended all compatriots against any charges of anti-Black discrimination or racism. "China and Chinese people DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. Period." was the line that came back against any accusation by foreigners of Chinese maltreatment of Black people in places like 

A Discussion With the Journalists Behind the BBC Documentary “Racism For Sale”

The BBC investigative unit Africa Eye turned a powerful spotlight last month on a multi-million dollar business in China that exploits people in developing regions, including young children in Africa, to produce so-called "blessing videos." ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Argentina Scores $924 Million in Deals from China

Argentina’s Economy Minister Sergio Massa managed to secure almost a billion dollars‘ worth of investment deals on the first leg of his trip to China.
He is on an economic rescue mission, with talks expected to renew and extend a currency swap agreement in order to infuse much-needed foreign money into the Argentinian economy.

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Shock and Dismay in South Africa After Discovery of “Slave-Like” Conditions in Chinese-owned Factory

South Africa's Home Affairs Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, was visibly shaken when describing the "inhumane and unspeakable conditions" in a plastics factory owned by a Chinese national that was raided by security forces on Monday. An informant tipped ...

Lights On: Prospects for Renewable Energy in Southern Africa Amid Pandemic and Debt Distress

By Cecilia Springer and Magalie Masamba A November 2020 report found the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region could achieve full energy access and 53% renewable energy (RE) installed capacity by 2040 with an investment of nearly $53 billion.

Despite Controversy, the Video Industry Exposed by the BBC’s Racism Documentary Is Thriving

Even as Chinese diplomats scramble to distance themselves from the trade in videos featuring African children coached to repeat demeaning phrases in Mandarin, the “well-wishing video” industry exposed by the recent BBC documentary “Racism for Sale” is going strong. The China-watcher ...

China’s Censors Catch Up with Discussions of BBC Racism Expose

China’s censors are now cracking down on online discussions sparked by the BBC documentary “Racism for Sale.” The program exposes the trade in online videos in which African children are tricked into repeating demeaning phrases in Mandarin. 

Reports: Man at the Center of the Racism for Sale Controversy Arrested in Zambia

According to Chinese news reports, the Chinese national at the center of a brewing controversy over the exploitation of young children in Malawi in the production of viral videos for the Chinese market has been arrested in Zambia. Lu Ke was ...
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