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What Do Namibian Giraffes Have To Do With the Chinese Economy? Ask Weibo

A post by the U.S. embassy in China about the use of GPS to boost giraffe conservation in Namibia became the unlikely location for a collective freakout about the Chinese economy. By Monday, the post received about 166,000 comments, many bemoaning ...

Chinese and Philippine Coast Guard Trade Barbs Over Encounter on Remote South China Sea Shoal

Tensions between the Chinese and Philippines Coast Guard moved from the South China Sea to social media where the two sides on Wednesday battled it out over shaping the narrative about an encounter that occurred two weeks ago. On January 12, 

Thailand’s China Tourist Woes Set to Worsen After Woman Charged Following TikTok Video

Thai police are pressing charges against a Chinese social media influencer after she posted a video from a Bangkok nightlife area she claimed was dangerous for women — in a move that could further scare away potential Chinese tourists. Wang Ziyu — ...

Chinese Netizens Hit Out At Wang Yi’s Infrastructure Challenge

At last week’s Belt and Road Forum China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi threw down the gauntlet at the U.S.-led Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII), saying, "We might as well compete internationally to see who can build more roads, railways and bridges for developing countries and who ...

Southeast Asia is Testing TikTok’s Limits

ByteDance’s TikTok is learning some very valuable lessons from the past few weeks: overconfidence is bad, and a new level of creativity might be in order if it wants to keep up with Southeast Asia’s policy quirks. Charm alone is not enough in this part of the ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Misadventures in the Skin Trade

This week I spent a few days in Cape Town, in time for a minor, if telling, crisis in international agricultural trade. A ship crammed with 19,000 (mostly still living) cows was stuck in Cape Town harbor, en route from Brazil to the Middle East.
As South African animal welfare authorities scrambled to inspect the horrors on board, the city was enveloped in a powerful farmyard funk. The entire episode can ...

Lots of People Are Confused About Indonesia’s Decision to Ban E-Commerce on TikTok. Here’s Why They Did It.

The Indonesian government last week outlawed the use of TikTok to sell goods online goods, delivering a massive blow to the Chinese social media giant in its fastest-growing market in Southeast Asia. Since the ban went into effect last Wednesday, there's ...

WEEK IN REVIEW: AU in G20 and the New “Chinese Savior” Narrative in Africa

The Chinese Foreign Ministry was among the first major governments this week to welcome the African Union as the newest member of the G20. The big question now is what will the AU do now that it has a seat at ...

Remember Those Exploitative African “Blessing Videos” on Chinese Social Media? They’re Back. This Time in the West.

It was once very easy for Chinese social media users to spend between $15 and $40 to get a bare-chested man, a scantily clad woman or even a child to do demeaning performances in short videos that were often highly exploitative.

Indonesian Middle Schooler In Hot Water With Local Authorities For Fighting Against Chinese Wood Pellet Exporter

“The road only has a capacity of five tons, but the Jambi mayor Syarif Fasha allowed up to 20 tons , exceeding and violating the regional regulation concerning road transportation,” a young girl eloquently spoke to the camera. The girl continued: “They worked together – the Chinese ...

South African Singer MOE’s Amazing Journey on China’s Top Singing Competition Comes to an End Following Show’s Cancellation

The South African singer who took China by storm earlier this month with a jaw-dropping performance on the country's most popular singing competition show, sent a note to her Chinese fans to thank them for their support following the program's abrupt cancellation.
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