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TRANSLATION: Africa is the Most Contempible Region for Chinese Living Abroad

This is the second in a series of posts that we've translated from the popular online writer Nie Shaorui (聂少聂) who is based in East Africa and regularly posts provocative columns about daily life for the Chinese diaspora in Africa. The purpose of these translations is to ...

TRANSLATION: In Africa, the Chinese Are Scapegoats

The following is a translation of a post by popular Africa-based WeChat content creator Nie Shaorui 聂少锐. The original post can be read in Chinese on his WeChat page at 小聂说事儿. This article has been edited lightly for clarity. When ...

South African Anti-Foreigner Campaign Targets Chinese

The worrying escalation of xenophobia in South Africa is reportedly now hitting the country's Chinese community. Under the banner of Operation Dudula ('force out' in isiZulu), protesters marched to the China City mall in Johannesburg to protest the presence of foreigners, whom the movement blames for crime ...

TRANSLATION: Please Stop Now! Stop Exploiting African Children!!!

"Africa Bob" (波布非洲) is a popular Chinese commentator and content creator about African issues on WeChat. The following is a summary translation of his post that reflects on the controversy about the exploitation of African (Malawi) children used to produce short form videos by Chinese merchants. ...

Malawi Foreign Minister: “We Are Disgusted, Disrespected and Deeply Pained”

Following a BBC Africa investigation, Malawian ministers condemned the practice of using young children to produce highly exploitative videos that are then sold on Chinese social media platforms. "We are feeling disgusted, disrespected, and deeply pained," 

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Awkward Timing as Italy Withdraws from BRI

Italy has announced its formal withdrawal from the Belt and Road Initiative after joining the China-centered infrastructure and investment project in 2019.
The timing of the announcement that Rome won’t renew its BRI commitment is notable. It came only a day before the EU-China summit, which kicks off on Thursday. The summit will likely be more contentious than usual, with European leaders expected to push China on the treatment of EU firms amid discussions ...

Chinese Social Media is Oddly Quiet About the Racism Accusations Uncovered in the BBC Documentary

Over the weekend, in the run-up to Monday's broadcast of the BBC documentary, some of the staff at the network were bracing for what they expected would be a forceful response from China's online supporters -- both Chinese and foreign. They ...

BBC Doc Becomes New Weapon For China’s Critics in the U.S.

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, one of China's fiercest critics in Washington, D.C., leveraged the revelations uncovered in the BBC documentary to launch a broadside against the Chinese Communist Party. It's important to note that while Rubio implicates the ...

BBC Doc Tracks Origin of Racist “Shout-Out” Videos Featuring African Children

The BBC debuted a documentary investigating the origin of commissioned videos of African children being coached to recite messages in Chinese that have gone viral in China. These are frequently starkly racist and reveal the prevalence of anti-Black attitudes in China.

Chinese Mining Boss Gets 20 Years for Whipping Rwandan Worker

A Rwandan court sentenced a Chinese businessman to twenty years in prison for beating two employees. A video clip showing Sun Shujun using a rope to beat a man tied to a wooden post as other workers looked on went viral last year, sparking widespread outrage.

Rwandan Court’s Prison Sentence for Chinese Mining Boss Sparks Passionate Response Online

The Karongi Intermediate Court in Rwanda's decision to hand down a hefty prison sentence on Tuesday to Chinese mining boss Sun Shujun for brutally beating his employees sparked an outpouring of emotion online. "The Chinese are there mining the minerals and stealing ...
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