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Ghanaian Government Steps Up Illegal Mining Crackdown in the Wake of Aisha Huang Arrest

Ghanaian security forces arrested 164 people last week in a new crackdown on the illegal small-scale gold mining known as "galamsey." Many of those detained are foreigners, mostly from West African countries but none from China. The government's renewed ...

Galamsey Queen Update: Ghana’s President Digs the Hole Deeper

Ghana's President Nana Akufo-Addo has poured gasoline on the controversy around the recent re-arrest of En (aka Aisha) Huang, a Chinese national accused of returning to Ghana to engage in illegal gold mining despite being deported four years ago for similar crimes.  ...

Deportation Lapses Revealed in Ghana’s Illegal Mining Scandal

New revelations about how En (Aisha) Huang, Ghana’s so-called Queen of Galamsey (illegal small-scale gold mining), managed to make her way back to the country despite being deported are adding political heat to an already red-hot controversy. A ...

Arrest of Ghana’s Chinese Queen of Illegal Gold Mining Embarrasses Government

The re-arrest of a Chinese national deported from Ghana in 2018 for illegal small-scale gold mining (known in Ghana as galamsey) is causing a media sensation and raising many embarrassing questions. Reporting about the arrest of En (aka Aisha) Huang has ...

South African Anti-Foreigner Campaign Targets Chinese

The worrying escalation of xenophobia in South Africa is reportedly now hitting the country's Chinese community. Under the banner of Operation Dudula ('force out' in isiZulu), protesters marched to the China City mall in Johannesburg to protest the presence of foreigners, whom the movement blames for crime ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Climate Sweet, Climate Bitter

Last week it was Pakistan, this week South Florida. The climate collapse is like a monstrous four-dimensional version of whack-a-mole. You never know where – or how – it will hit. But the hits keep coming.

With the damaged Nord Stream pipeline (and the Global North’s unmitigated hydrocarbon dependence it represents) bubbling away in the Baltic Sea, U.S. climate czar John Kerry’s high-handed comments to the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment earlier this month ...

Life at the Heart of Africa-China Trade 

COVID and government crackdowns have hollowed out Guangzhou’s once-thriving African community. While many of these traders have left China, some are relocating to Yiwu. The city, in Zhejiang province, is one of the world’s largest centers for the trade in consumer goods. 

“Chinatown is Closed! Close the Shop or We Burn the Shop Down”

A growing anti-immigrant movement in South Africa says it is now targeting not only undocumented immigrants, but even those with residency permits doing low-skilled work. Operation Dudula (“force out” in isiZulu) made clear they are campaigning against both African and Chinese undocumented workers, and ...

APSONIC Is Another Chinese Company That You’ve Probably Never Heard but That’s Absolutely Crushing It in Africa

A Chinese maker of motorcycles is quietly cornering the African market. While Apsonic isn’t famous, the Guangzhou company has built up an impressive presence in West Africa, after setting up shop in Togo in 2003. Now its products are buzzing through ...

African Takedown of Western Stereotypes Goes Viral in China

This video of a woman addressing many of the demeaning stereotypes about Africa and Africans is now going viral on the Chinese social video site Bilibili where it's been re-posted multiple times and received 1+ million views in just the past few days.

China Calls Out European Racism Against Non-White Refugees While at the Same Time Displaying a Bit of Chutzpah of Its Own

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin criticized this week the blatant racism that's been on display in Eastern European countries that have warmly welcomed millions of white Ukrainian refugees crossing the border but have refused entry to predominantly non-white refugees from Global South countries.
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