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China Suspected of Ramping up Spying Capacity in Cuba: Report

China appears to have ramped up its capacity for espionage in Cuba, potentially giving Beijing a window to sensitive military data from Florida, a US think tank said. The Center for Strategic and International Studies analyzed satellite imagery from four sites ...

G77 Gathering Reinforces the Talking Points of China’s Global South Diplomacy

China sent its most senior official in recent years to the G77 gathering in Havana on Friday. The presence of Li Xi, the CPC's seventh-ranking member and the head of the corruption watchdog, arguably signaled a continuance of China's recent focus on Global South diplomacy.

WEEK IN REVIEW: Chinese President Xi Jinping Will Not Attend This Week’s G77 Summit in Havana

Chinese President Xi Jinping will not attend this week's G77 Summit in Havana, making this the third major international event in as many weeks that he's avoided. Li Xi, head of the Chinese Communist Party's powerful anti-corruption body, will go in his place as part of a three-nation ...

WSJ: China Negotiating With Cuba to Set up Joint Military Training Base

China is reportedly in talks with Cuba to set up a joint military base that could potentially lead to the deployment of PLA soldiers within a couple of hundred kilometers of the United States, according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal. ...

White House Pressed to Explain Muddled Response to Report About Chinese Spy Base in Cuba

The White House is defending its seemingly contradictory response to last week's Wall Street Journal report that claimed China is building a new base in Cuba to spy on the United States. When the report first came out, National Security Council Spokesperson ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Letter From DC: Is Africa Holding Itself Back?

Greetings from Washington, DC,
Whoo boy…We picked a doozy of a week to be in town. The overlapping reverberations from leadership fights within the Democratic Party, the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, and the announcement of JD Vance as his vice-presidential candidate are understandably focusing attention inwards.

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The White House’s Confusing Response to Report That China Uses Cuba to Spy on U.S.

U.S. National Security Council Spokesperson John Kirby was adamant last Thursday when he refuted as "inaccurate" a Wall Street Journal report that China was planning to build a new spy base in Cuba. A few days later, though, the White House ...