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Wang Yi Met With Argentina’s Foreign Minister in Yet Another Sign Ties Are Begining to Stabilize in the Milei Era

The foreign ministers from China and Argentina met briefly on Saturday on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference for what seemed like a very ordinary bilateral gathering. Other than a pro forma read-out on Xinhua, neither the Chinese nor ...

Argentina and Ghana to Play a Friendly in Beijing Next Month

Argentina officially confirmed on Wednesday that it will play an international friendly against Ghana's Black Stars in Beijing on March 26th. China-Argentina relations have been wobbly since the recent election as president of China hawk Javier Milei, who withdrew the country ...

Report: Chinese Investment Trends in Latin America Reveal Priorities of the New, More Strategic BRI

China's investments in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) are undergoing a dramatic shift away from large-scale infrastructure projects towards more strategic sectors like critical minerals, telecommunications and renewable energy, according to the findings of a new report by the Washington, D.C.-based think tank Inter-American Dialogue.

Wang Yi Wrapped Up LatAm-Caribbean Tour With Stops in Brazil and Jamaica

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi headed back home on Sunday after a ten-day tour of Africa and the Americas that ended in Jamaica, where he met with Prime Minister Andrews Holness. Before arriving in Kingston on Saturday, Wang was in Brazil, ...

Nearly a Third of All Brazilian Exports Went to China Last Year

Foreign Minister Wang Yi will arrive in Brazil next week at a time when China's trade with the South American country is booming.  New data reveals that Chinese demand for Brazilian oil, food, and other commodities has surged over the past two ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Misadventures in the Skin Trade

This week I spent a few days in Cape Town, in time for a minor, if telling, crisis in international agricultural trade. A ship crammed with 19,000 (mostly still living) cows was stuck in Cape Town harbor, en route from Brazil to the Middle East.
As South African animal welfare authorities scrambled to inspect the horrors on board, the city was enveloped in a powerful farmyard funk. The entire episode can ...

On Tour in Africa and Latin America-Caribbean: Analyzing Wang Yi’s First Foreign Visits of 2024

By Oyintarelado Moses Every year, the Chinese foreign minister launches China’s first foreign policy visit with a trip to Africa, but this year, the tour is slightly different. From January 13-22, Chinese foreign minister Wang ...

China-Argentina Ties Teeter on Financial, Trade Concerns

Argentina is balancing a high-wire act in its relations with China — one of its largest trading partners and a crucial source of funding for Buenos Aires during its financial crisis. Both sides seem to be taking a practical approach to ...

Latin America’s Diplomacy: Balancing EU and China With Mercosur

By Alvaro Mendez and Chris Alden The negotiations for the EU-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement (FTA) have spanned over two decades and are now facing renewed delays. This prolonged process is a crucial moment in Latin America's trade policy, especially as Brazilian ...

China Cuts Off Vital Lifeline to Argentina, Recalls Ambassador

The younger generation loves to say — with saltier wording — “You mess around and find out.” Argentina’s new president, Javier Milei — who while campaigning used fierce anti-China rhetoric — has apparently messed around and found out.

WEEK IN REVIEW: Ethiopia Widely Expected to Default on Portion of Its Debt

Ethiopia is widely expected to default on a portion of its debt as the government warned it will not be able to make a $33 million bond payment due on Monday. Ethiopia is in the midst of Chinese-led debt restructuring talks under the G20's Common Framework initiative. 
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