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G77 Gathering Reinforces the Talking Points of China’s Global South Diplomacy

China sent its most senior official in recent years to the G77 gathering in Havana on Friday. The presence of Li Xi, the CPC's seventh-ranking member and the head of the corruption watchdog, arguably signaled a continuance of China's recent focus on Global South diplomacy.

Explosive Exposes Detail Chinese Influence-Building in Global South

A large New York Times expose claims that Chinese government funding has infiltrated a coalition of progressive and left-wing movements to boost Chinese in the U.S. as well as in such Global South countries as India and South Africa. Reportedly at the ...

Backgrounder: China’s Emerging Playbook in South Asia

China’s outsized role in two key South Asian debt crises (Sri Lanka and Pakistan) and its fractious cross-border relationship with India have overshadowed a larger trend: Beijing is increasingly becoming an adept navigator of South Asian complexities in order to grow its own influence in the region.

Explainer: How ‘Modernization’ Became China’s Newest Talking Point

Qin Gang’s first press conference as Foreign Minister also saw the launch of a new Africa-focused talking point: Chinese modernization is different from and more inclusive than that of the West. Since then, Qin has repeated this point for example, at the Lanting ...