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China’s Groundbreaking Use of “Non-State Actors” as Part of its Public Diplomacy Strategy in Africa

Typically, public diplomacy initiatives are carried out either by embassies in different countries or state-led media organizations (VOA, FRANCE 24, etc…). Rarely do governments entrust this kind of outreach to private organizations, or "non-state actors" (NSAs) as they're known in government-parlance.  ...

Conservation Update: Rhino Horn Trafficking Trial in Malawi | Ivory Sales in China via Japan | China’s Distant Fish Fleet Needs More Transparency

Poaching and wildlife conservation issues have largely fallen off the broader China-Africa agenda ever since Beijing outlawed its domestic ivory trade in 2018. Even as Chinese demand for endangered African wildlife products, particularly pangolin, and other animals such as donkeys whose skins are used to make a ...
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