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Mechanisms for ‘Telling Chinese Stories Well’: Chinese Influence on Foreign Media

By James Sundquist The “Rise of China” is one of the great stories of this century. But how is this story told? Is the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) about South-South cooperation or debt-trap diplomacy? How much attention should be paid ...

Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe Can’t Stop Talking About the “Malicious Activities” of Another “Foreign Embassy” in Harare

The Chinese embassy in Zimbabwe has been on a tear for the past several weeks, angrily fuming on its Twitter feed and in local press interviews about the "malicious activities" of "#Mr1K" aka a "certain foreign embassy" in Harare. ...

Don’t Shoot Your Employees and Don’t Pay Bribes Are Among the Chinese Embassy in Namibia’s Recommendations on How Expatriates Should Behave Better

The Chinese embassy in Namibia really wants its overseas compatriots who live and work in the country to improve their behavior. And to help them, the embassy this week published on its WeChat page a rather illuminating list of eight examples of recent transgressions committed by Chinese nationals in ...

TRANSLATION: Chinese Ambassador Zhu Jing Reflects on His First Visit to the Congo’s Strategically Vital Southern Mining Zone

Chinese ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zhu Jing, is back in Kinshasa now after a week-long tour earlier this month to the country's strategically important mining zones in Lualaba and Katanga Provinces. Those two regions are at the heart of a rapidly escalating geopolitical ...

China Calls Out European Racism Against Non-White Refugees While at the Same Time Displaying a Bit of Chutzpah of Its Own

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin criticized this week the blatant racism that's been on display in Eastern European countries that have warmly welcomed millions of white Ukrainian refugees crossing the border but have refused entry to predominantly non-white refugees from Global South countries.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Chinese Foreign Minister to Lead UN Security Council Meeting on Gaza

Wang Yi, China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, will chair a UN Security Council (UNSC) meeting in New York on the ongoing crisis in Gaza.
China, the current UNSC president, called the meeting scheduled for November 29. It comes as the two sides are looking into extending the temporary ceasefire that started last week to allow for the return of further Israeli hostages and Palestinian detainees.

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A Sixth Chinese Ambassador in Africa Says Farewell

Li Lianhe, China's ambassador to Algeria, is the sixth Chinese ambassador wrapping up his tour of duty to Africa. He joins his colleagues in Burkina Faso, Rwanda, Namibia, and Gabon who have finished their tours.

China’s Ambassador to the African Union Among the Growing Number of Chinese Envoys Rotating Out of Their Posts

China's ambassador to the African Union, Liu Yuxi, is among the unusually large number of Chinese envoys on the continent who are rotating out of their posts this month.  Liu joins Chinese ambassadors to Burkina ...

Four Different Chinese Ambassadors are Moving On

An unusually large number of Chinese ambassadors announced this week they will be leaving their posts in at least four African countries. It's just a coincidence that so many are happening at once and there is no indication that any of the envoys have been recalled.

Chinese Embassy in DR Congo Introduces New Measures to Protect Its People From Rising Crime and Insecurity

Worsening security conditions in the Democratic Republic of Congo is prompting the Chinese embassy in Kinshasa to ask all Chinese nationals in the country to add their contact details to a new WeChat registration system so that they can be easily contacted in the event of an emergency. ...

Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe Hits Back at Press Criticism of Chinese Firms

The Chinese embassy in Zimbabwe renewed its critique of local and Western media’s ‘slander’ against Chinese companies in the country in a lengthy post published Wednesday on its website. Under the headline "False News and Truth," it listed examples of what it called "irresponsible" reporting ...
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