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Israel’s Shakshuka Diplomacy in China

China’s efforts to promote itself to foreign audiences frequently take the form of stiffly-produced TV inserts on traditional cuisine and historical festivals.  But China isn’t alone in this game - sometimes, it goes the other way. Behold the awkward glory of ...

Concealed Chinese Propaganda in Nigeria Aims to Change Negative Media Narrative on Shanghai Lockdowns

Shanghai's controversial methods in trying to contain the spread of Omicron have sparked widespread negative media coverage in China and around the world. Now it appears that Chinese propaganda authorities are trying to change that perception by providing broadcasters in places ...

New Articles Promote”Chinese Democracy” to African Readers 

Two new articles promoting the idea that the Chinese system represents an alternative form of democracy from that promoted by Western countries have appeared in the South African and Nigerian press this week. While they were apparently written by African journalists, they follow Chinese state talking points ...

How China Uses Media to Try and Influence Foreign Audiences

Readers of African newspapers may have spotted articles that seemingly come off as a little too effusive about China. A fascinating new article by the China Media Project at the University of Hong Kong reveals why that may be the case and how Chinese authorities ...

Xinhua Joins the Fight Over Allegations of Labor and Environmental Abuses by Chinese Companies in Zimbabwe

China's state-run news agency Xinhua pushed back against a January 7th report in The Guardian (UK) newspaper that claimed the Chinese-owned Jinding mining company is requiring 50 families in rural Zimbabwe to move so as to make way for a granite polishing plant.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

The G7’s New Infrastructure Initiative Could Strengthen China’s Global South Game: Experts

The G7’s new Partnership for Global Infrastructure Investment (PGII), a $600 billion plan to build infrastructure across the Global South and counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), could have the effect of improving how Chinese companies do business and could end up improving the BRI itself, according to development experts. 

Some acknowledged that the BRI has been controversial for its environmental and debt impacts. But they also pointed out ...

It’s Becoming Increasingly Difficult For African News Consumers to Figure Out What’s Legitimate News About China and What’s Propaganda

A column published on one of Ghana's largest news portals, Ghanaweb, on Sunday highlights the difficulties confronting readers in determining what is legitimate editorial content and what is state-produced propaganda. Last week, the official Ghana News Agency published ...

Global Times Isn’t Happy With the FT’s Report on Chinese Lending in Africa

This week's Financial Times story by Africa Editor David Pilling and Greater China Correspondent Kathrin Hille on the slowdown in Chinese infrastructure lending in Africa provoked a largely favorable response among international audiences but almost no reaction from Chinese stakeholders... until today.

The U.S. and China Are Squabbling Over a Chinese-Financed Railway. This Time It’s in Vietnam, Not Kenya

U.S. and Chinese state-backed media outlets are once again exchanging fire over a Chinese-backed railway project in the Global South... but this time it's not the Standard Gauge Railway in Kenya, instead, it's Hanoi's brand new subway in Vietnam that is at the center of yet another ...

U.S., European News Outlets Fail to Question Pentagon Assertion China Wants to Build Atlantic Base in Africa

The Wall Street Journal's report from December 5th that relayed Pentagon concerns about China's purported ambition to build a navy base on Africa's Atlantic coast in Equatorial Guinea has now spread so far across the media landscape, even to usually discerning publications ...

Here’s a Headline You Don’t See Very Often, If Ever, On a U.S. Government-funded Media Channel

Normally the Voice of America's coverage of Chinese engagement in Africa focuses on the threat posed Huawei, Chinese "debt traps", or Pentagon assertions that Beijing wants to build new bases on the continent.
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