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China-Argentina Call Reveals Closer Ties

China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang held a phone conversation with his Argentine counterpart Santiago Cafiero, the newest sign of the two countries’ increasing closeness. Argentina is a champion of closer cooperation between China and Latin America and plans to ...

No International Reaction to China Protests, Beijing Formulating Counter Narrative

International reaction to the extraordinary public protests underway in the streets and university campuses across China has been muted so far. Aside from a scathing statement from the British Broadcasting Corporation over the violent detention of one of its reporters in Shanghai ...

The Cost to Build An EV Battery is Going Up… A Lot

This chart explains in part why Chinese battery giants are moving as fast as possible to lock up supplies of the key ingredients needed to manufacture lithium-ion batteries used to power electric vehicles. With the cost of certain materials, particularly lithium ...

Contrary to Public Perception, China is Actually Just a Bit Player in the African Mining Sector

While China is a major player in the DR Congo's mining sector, that is not the case elsewhere on the continent, according to a new report by the African Climate Foundation. In fact, China's share of the continent's ...

China-Global South and the Long Shadow of Empire

Writing is slow on my side today because as someone living in a former British colony, I can't tear myself away from Twitter reactions to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Even as British Twitter is dominated by stiff-upper-lip memorials, Irish, ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Top State Department Official Says China’s Debt Relief Offer to Sri Lanka is “Not Enough”

Another senior U.S. diplomat has accused China of not doing enough to resolve Sri Lanka’s debt renegotiation, a sign that the island’s financial crisis is increasingly being framed geopolitically.
U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland said: “What China has offered so far is not enough. We need to see credible and specific assurances that they will meet the IMF standard of debt relief.”

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How Will Liz Truss’s Election as the UK’s New PM Affect China-Global South Relations?

Liz Truss’s rise to Prime Minister-elect of the United Kingdom is likely to raise tensions with China and increase Great Power competition in the Indo-Pacific region. Truss won an internal Conservative Party election following the resignation of former PM Boris Johnson. ...

China Refines Its Rebuttal to Persistent Debt Trap Accusations

No matter how often the Chinese debt trap narrative is refuted by leading scholars around the world, policymakers in the U.S. and Europe seem unable to resist using the trope to frame China's engagement in Africa and other developing regions.

While the U.S. Government Wants to Reduce Dependence on Chinese EV Battery Makers, Ford Motor Has Other Plans

The Ford Motor Company announced a number of important deals with major Chinese mining and battery manufacturers to bolster the supply chain of critical resources needed to power its new line-up of electric vehicles. NICKEL: The U.S. auto giant 

The Chinese Internet Turned on Lu Ke, the Culprit in the BBC’s “Racism for Sale” Documentary

For years, the Chinese internet reflexively defended all compatriots against any charges of anti-Black discrimination or racism. "China and Chinese people DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. Period." was the line that came back against any accusation by foreigners of Chinese maltreatment of Black people in places like 

A Discussion With the Journalists Behind the BBC Documentary “Racism For Sale”

The BBC investigative unit Africa Eye turned a powerful spotlight last month on a multi-million dollar business in China that exploits people in developing regions, including young children in Africa, to produce so-called "blessing videos." ...
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