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New Data Reveals Apple is Steadily Shifting Its Supply Chain Out of China to Other Countries in Asia

China's once-dominant role in Apple's supply chain appears to be ending as the technology giant relocates more and more of its production to other countries in Asia, particularly Vietnam and India. Since 2019, according to data from Reuters, the total share ...

U.S. Plans to Bypass China’s Cobalt Dominance with Arizona Plant

The Singapore-based commodities trader Trafigura announced it will partner with the U.S. battery metals processing firm EVelution to build a battery-grade cobalt sulfate processing facility in Arizona.  The facility is projected to produce 7,000 tons of ...

U.S. Builds Mineral Coalition to Displace China

The United States hopes to use its rich allies to channel investment to resource-rich countries in order to cut China out of mineral supply chains. The U.S.-led Minerals Security Partnership, which also includes Japan, the EU and others, held a ministerial meeting ...

[NEW PODCAST] Why It's Not China's Fault That Its Trade With Africa is So Distorted