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One Week Later, Burundi Shows the Statement That It Published in Support of China’s Controversial New Election Law in Hong Kong

Burundi's official press agency published a flurry of tweets today in both English and French that provide new details on a statement that the government released one week ago in support of China's controversial new election law in Hong Kong.

Why Would Burundi Endorse China’s Controversial New Election Law in Hong Kong?

The small landlocked East African country of Burundi reportedly felt so strongly about China's controversial new election law for Hong Kong that it published an enthusiastic endorsement of the legislation and praised Beijing's "wisdom to ensure the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong ...


Zambian President Edgar Lungu might have been surprised to hear that the big takeaway from his call on Monday with Xi Jinping wasn't debt relief or anything to do with COVID-19. In the unlikely event that he opened a copy of the China Daily newspaper on Tuesday ...

The UN Human Rights Council Statement on Hong Kong Highlights Why African Countries Are Becoming Increasingly Important to China

Africa's growing political importance to China was on full display at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) last week in Geneva where nearly half of the signatories of a statement supporting China's controversial national security law in Hong Kong were from African states. ...

China’s New Priorities in Africa

While Africa's value to the outside world has historically been framed largely in economic terms -- as a place to extract resources and as a market to sell goods -- China is changing that equation. The fact is, Africa just isn't ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Misadventures in the Skin Trade

This week I spent a few days in Cape Town, in time for a minor, if telling, crisis in international agricultural trade. A ship crammed with 19,000 (mostly still living) cows was stuck in Cape Town harbor, en route from Brazil to the Middle East.
As South African animal welfare authorities scrambled to inspect the horrors on board, the city was enveloped in a powerful farmyard funk. The entire episode can ...

The Crisis in Hong Kong Emerges as Key Messaging Theme for Chinese Media, Diplomats Across Africa

Chinese diplomats, missions, and media across Africa have been steadily ramping up their messaging about Hong Kong in recent weeks in what appears to be a concerted effort to build support for Beijing's handling of the ongoing political crisis in the territory.

Tweet of the Day: The Risk of Crossing China’s Proverbial “Red Lines”

Eliott Zaagman is the co-host of the China Tech Investor podcast and a regular commentator on Chinese technology issues. He writes extensively on Huawei for publications including Tech Node ...

Africa Becoming Important Source of Support for China’s Contentious International Battles

The Daily Nation's Senior Foreign Affairs Writer Aggrey Mutambo reports on how the Chinese government is now trying to rally support among Africa media for its controversial policies in Xinjiang where Beijing claims its fighting "terrorism and extremism" but human rights groups & western ...

What Key Lessons Can African Countries Learn from the China-NBA Dispute

DISCLAIMER: The article raises a number of sensitive issues that are intended to inform and educate stakeholders in the China-Africa relationship about key political issues in China that influence current events. CAP Managing Editor Eric Olander, nor anyone else at the CAP, does not advocate for or ...

Lingan University in Hong Kong to Offer Graduate Degree in China-Africa Studies

Lingan University in Hong Kong will offer one of the world's first graduate degrees in China-Africa studies. This one year program starts in the 2020 academic year and will be embedded within the international relations and feature a concentration in China-Africa studies.
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