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The Colonial Connection to Chinese Labor Disputes in Africa

The last year or so has seen a constant drip-drip-drip of social media videos showing Chinese managers abusing African workers. The trend has understandably cast a harsh light on Africa-China labor relations. To my mind, the resultant framing of Chinese labor practices in Africa as neo-colonial is ...

A Chinese Mining Company in the DRC Pushes Back Against “Unverified Media Reports” That It Polluted the Environment

The Chinese-owned Xiangjiang Mining Company is attempting to reverse last August's decision by DR Congo Deputy Prime Minister Ève Bazaïba to revoke the firm's two mining licenses in central Tshopo province. The company was among a number of Chinese mining companies that were banned ...

More Robbery Attempts at Chinese Residential Compounds in the DRC Mining City of Kolwezi

For the second week in a row, robbers attempted to break into a Chinese residential compound in the southern DR Congo city of Kolwezi. The suspects, though, didn't get very far. After struggling to break through the gates, they were apprehended by a combined force of 30 police ...

NGO Describes 2008 China-DR Congo Sicomines Deal Described as “Unconscionable”

It sounds like the soon-to-be-released report by the Congolese branch of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is going to be unsparing in its criticism of the 2008 Sino-Congolese deal that created the Sicomines joint venture mining company.

Now It’s Huawei That’s in Trouble in the DR Congo

Telecom giant Huawei is now the latest Chinese company to be embroiled in controversy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The company is to appear again in the Gombe Commercial Court in Kinshasa to settle a bitter feud regarding a 2018 judgment against ...

Many Nigerians Feel Abandoned By Their Government For Not Enforcing Labor Laws at Chinese Companies

This summer's death of Onyinye Onwuegbusi, a young translator at a Chinese-owned factory in Nigeria, has sparked a national campaign to draw attention to the prevalence of forced labor and the lack of occupational safety measures at many Chinese companies operating in the country.

Kenya Wants to Ban Chinese Fish Imports Again. It Didn’t End Well The Last Time.

The Kenyan parliament will move forward with legislation to outlaw imported Chinese fish from entering the country. Legislators confirmed on Tuesday that the Agriculture Committee is finalizing new regulations aimed to boost the local fishing sector by restricting imports of Chinese seafood, particularly frozen tilapia.

Chinese Mining Company in the DRC “Regrets” Recent Labor Abuse Case Involving Two Soldiers, But Doesn’t Take Responsibility

The Chinese-run mining company at the center of a high-profile controversy over labor abuse in the Democratic Republic of the Congo issued its first response to the videos that went viral last week showing Congolese soldiers brutally whipping a local employee while Chinese managers looked on.

Moroccan Police Arrest Uyghur Activist at China’s Request

34-year old Uyghur activist Yidiresi Aishan is now in Moroccan police custody awaiting likely deportation to China after he was arrested earlier this week at Casablanca's international airport. Police say they were acting on an Interpol Red Notice, the international police group's most wanted list, based on a ...

China’s New Man in Djibouti

China's new ambassador to Djibouti Hu Bin presented his credentials to Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Youssouf on Monday. Hu is the second ...
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