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China Tells Janet Yellen U.S. Is in No Position To Criticize Beijing on Debt Issues in Zambia

The Chinese embassy in Lusaka clapped back at § for her remarks that Beijing was acting as a "barrier" in Zambia's drawn-out debt restructuring process. In a sharply worded statement posted on ...

The South African Government May Be Edging Closer to China, Russia But Its People Seem to Prefer the West, Says New Poll

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will meet with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday during the last stop of her ten-day, three-nation Africa tour. Yellen's arrival in Pretoria comes one day after a high-profile visit ...

Washington’s Top Commander for U.S. Forces in the Americas Says China’s Growing Presence in the Region ‘Keeps Her Up At Night’

Prior to his retirement last year, the top commander for U.S. forces in Africa, General Stephen Townsend, was among the most vocal Pentagon officials on the perceived threat posed by China to U.S. interests abroad. 

Why Africa Shouldn’t Count on Janet Yellen for Debt Help

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is in Africa touting the Biden administration’s reenergized Africa policy. Her visit comes as several African countries are struggling with debt distress and Zambia and Ghana have officially defaulted.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Blames China for Delays in Zambia Debt Restructuring

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen accused China of blocking progress for Zambia's drawn-out debt restructuring process that is now entering its second year. “I know the Chinese have been a barrier to concluding the negotiations,” she ...

Lavrov Visit and Upcoming Joint Naval Exercises With China Spark Anger in South Africa

The South African government is coming under intense criticism for welcoming Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and for next month's joint naval exercises with both Russia and China. SA Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor dismissed the criticism on Monday at a press conference ...

WEEK IN REVIEW: U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on an 11-Day, Three-Nation Tour of Africa

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will leave Tuesday on an 11-day, three-nation tour of Africa that Biden administration officials say is intended to rejuvenate ties on the continent and counter Chinese influence. Yellen will visit South Africa, Senegal, and Zambia, where debt issues are expected to feature prominently on ...

Dalai Lama Invite Complicates China-Sri Lanka Cooperation

Sri Lanka’s desperate attempts to get China’s support for its debt restructuring could be blown up from the inside. This follows an invitation from senior Buddhist clerics to the Dalai Lama to visit the bankrupt island state.

Chinese Expert: Global North’s Sudden Concern about Global South Reflects Power Shift

As China’s decades-long focus on South-South cooperation results in strong relationships throughout the developing world, Global North powers like the United States and Japan are suddenly discovering their concern for the Global South in order to shore up their own fading influence.

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka Goes on a Furious Twitter Rant to Rebut U.S. Ambassador’s “Spoiler” Accusations

The Chinese embassy in Sri Lanka did not take well to U.S. Ambassador Julie Chung's accusation that China is a potential "spoiler" in the South Asian country's debt restructuring process. The embassy was furious over remarks Chung made in an interview ...
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