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The Story of One Man’s Journey From Hunan Province to Driving Trucks in the Republic of Congo

Even though hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals now live in countries across Africa, very little is known about the personal stories of these individuals who've often taken significant risks to set up new lives far from home. From time to time, though, profiles of these migrants ...

Chinese Expats in Ghana Are Getting Lured Into Currency Exchange Scams on WeChat

Scammers in China are now targeting overseas Chinese in Ghana through currency exchange scams on WeChat. Swapping currencies on WeChat is a common practice for Chinese expatriates in Africa. Here's how it works: 1) The scammers ...

TRANSLATION: Nuclear Power Not a Viable Energy Option in Africa Say Trio of Chinese Experts

Africa's energy needs are enormous, especially as countries across the continent are moving quickly to build power-hungry industrial sectors. While the need for abundant clean energy is clearly there, some, led by Russian vendors, have proposed that nuclear energy may be the right solution.

The Growing Demand for Chinese Second-Hand Clothing in Africa

Every year, Chinese consumers discard 26 million tons of used clothing. Much of it goes into landfills, some is incinerated and others are finding their way into developing markets like Africa, where shirts emblazoned with Chinese characters are apparently becoming more fashionable.

Chinese Businesses in Uganda Set Up Database of Bad Former Employees

If you're a Chinese business operator in Uganda and have had employees who've cheated, stole from your business, or caused property damage, you can email to have their name added to a new database of bad employees that's accessible by other Chinese companies in the country.

Carnegie-Tsinghua Scholar Tang Xiaoyang on the “Real Situation Confronting Chinese Companies in Africa”

One of China's largest and most influential online portals, Observer (观察), published an interview this week with well-known China-Africa scholar Tang Xiaoyang, deputy director of the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, about some of the difficulties that Chinese companies are encountering in ...

Reports: Authorities Force Beijing Hotel to Mandatory Quarantine After Zimbabwean VP Tested Positive For COVID

Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po newspaper is reporting that the Beijing Wangfujing Legendale Hotel is now under a mandatory 21-day quarantine after a Zimbabwean Vice President, most likely Constantino Chiwenga, tested positive for asymptomatic COVID-19.

Zhang Hongming: China’s Strategic Need for Africa in a Time of Great Change

The perception among many stakeholders in the West and across Africa is that China's engagement in Africa is motivated by a need for natural resources and markets for its finished goods. While that may have been true during the early stages of China's presence on the continent ...

TRANSLATION: My Kenyan Employee Who Just Disappeared

The following is a translation of an article published on the Bobu Africa (波布非洲 )WeChat page on July 20, 2021. The purpose of translations like this is to provide English language readers with a more informed understanding of the civil society discourse about China-Africa relations that is ...

African Food Bloggers Are Finding Large Audiences Live Streaming on Chinese Social Media

The following article is a summary of a longer version of this story by Shu Xiong (薯熊) that was published on the 公路商店's WeChat channel. The original, Chinese-language article is available here. From Rwanda to Guinea, from the Democratic Republic ...
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