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Xi Calls on World Powers to Help Russia, Ukraine ‘Resume Direct Dialogue’

By James Edgar Chinese President Xi Jinping told Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Monday that world powers should help Russia and Ukraine re-start direct negotiations during a visit to Beijing branded a "peace mission" by the European leader.

Why the Philippine-Japan Defense Pact Matters

More than 70 years after Japan's invasion and occupation of the Philippines during World War II, the countries on Monday signed a defence pact that allows them to deploy troops on each other's soil. The agreement was finalized during high-level defense ...

Philippines and Japan Sign Key Defense Pact

The Philippines and Japan signed a key defense pact on Monday that will allow the deployment of troops on each other's territory as they boost ties in the face of China's growing assertiveness. The Reciprocal Access Agreement (RAA) was finalised in ...

Philippines, Japan on Verge of Key Defense Pact

By Pam Castro The Philippines and Japan are set to sign on Monday a key defence pact that will allow the deployment of troops on each other's territory. Japanese Defense Minister Minoru Kihara and Foreign ...

El Niño Triggers Food Crisis in Southern Africa

The brutal drought has been brought on primarily by El Niño. This natural, recurring weather phenomenon raises surface temperatures across parts of the Pacific Ocean. These warmer patches impact weather patterns globally, including by lowering rain levels in Southern Africa.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Letter From DC: Is Africa Holding Itself Back?

Greetings from Washington, DC,
Whoo boy…We picked a doozy of a week to be in town. The overlapping reverberations from leadership fights within the Democratic Party, the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, and the announcement of JD Vance as his vice-presidential candidate are understandably focusing attention inwards.

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