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Chinese-Built Dam Offers Hope in Kenya

The building of the Thwake multipurpose dam began in 2018 and has nurtured hopes that food security will be achieved in the village.

The dam is designed to provide water for drinking, irrigation and 20 megawatts of hydropower. Despite delays, it looks likely to be completed this year, according to an engineer involved in the project.

El Niño Triggers Food Crisis in Southern Africa

The brutal drought has been brought on primarily by El Niño. This natural, recurring weather phenomenon raises surface temperatures across parts of the Pacific Ocean. These warmer patches impact weather patterns globally, including by lowering rain levels in Southern Africa.

Indonesian Top Minister Luhut Pandjaitan’s 2024 China Visit: Key Takeaways

On June 12, 2024, Indonesia's Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan visited China. This was Luhut’s first visit to China this year.  Last time the Indonesian top minister visited China was in 2023, when he was ...

China-Indonesia Food Security Tie-up Is Strategic. But First, Let’s Talk About Indonesia’s Concerns

The recent collaboration between Indonesia's Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) and China's National Rice Research Institute (CNRRI) marks a significant step towards enhancing agricultural productivity and ensuring food security in the archipelago. However, several challenges such as cases of illegal fishing, inadequate infrastructure and lingering environmental and ...

The Good News, Bad News About Uganda’s Trade With China

Chinese trade with Uganda has more than doubled over the past ten years from $600 million to $1.3 billion, according to Zhang Lizhong, China's ambassador to the East African country. While that is undoubtedly encouraging, the figures conceal a much deeper ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Letter From DC: Is Africa Holding Itself Back?

Whoo boy…We picked a doozy of a week to be in town. The overlapping reverberations from leadership fights within the Democratic Party, the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, and the announcement of JD Vance as his vice-presidential candidate are understandably focusing attention inwards.
That said, we’ve had fascinating conversations with very smart folks who focus on Africa, the wider Global South, and China’s role there. One theme ...

China is Buying More Agricultural Products From Africa, But There Is Still a Lot of Room For Growth

Chinese consumers can now buy Kenyan coffee, tea, and avocados — all shipped tariff-free. The latest data show that China is buying more agricultural products from Africa, but for all the Kenyan farm produce heading east, Chinese garlic and fish are also increasingly heading in the opposite ...

Chinese Tea Importers Teach Kenyan Diplomats About Tea

Chinese importers bought almost $8 million worth of Kenyan tea in 2022 and it's a market that offers enormous growth potential for East African growers. But Chinese tastes for tea are quite particular. So, a pair of Kenyan diplomats learned firsthand ...

Investor Promoting Chinese-Engineered ‘Magic Grass’ in Kenya

A plantation of Juncao contributes to air purification and reduces soil degradation. The waste products from Juncao are useful including the dry leaves which are converted into briquettes to replace firewood.

Chinese Demand for Kenyan Avocados Surged in 2023

Kenyan avocado exports to China jumped tenfold last year from 443 tons to 4,324 tons. But even with this booming demand from China, the European Union remains Kenya's largest export market for avocados. (BUSINESS DAILY)

Trade Numbers Reveal Africa-China Sticking Points

New Africa-China trade figures released by China’s General Administration of Customs reveal a low-energy trade relationship hemmed in by structural constraints. The Chinese authorities tried to put a happy face on it by emphasizing the 1.5% increase in trade (to a total ...
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