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Evan Feigenbaum on Why Xi’s Russia Visit is Critical for China’s Global South Agenda

Speculating about Chinese President Xi Jinping's motives for meeting with Vladimir Putin and whether he's serious about brokering a peace settlement between Russia and Ukraine or just trolling the West has become something of a parlor game among China Watchers.

Possible Xi-Putin Summit Comes at a Critical Time in Sino-Russian Ties

This week's expected summit between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russia's Vladimir Putin comes at a delicate time for both countries: ?? With Russian forces now in retreat in portions of eastern Ukraine, President Putin needs to keep ...

Chinese Scholars Map the Future of Africa-China Relations

How are Africa-China relations changing in response to crises like Ukraine? Few are more preoccupied with this issue than China’s Africa scholars. The Africa Research Group of the Eurasia Systems Science Society, which includes some of the most prominent Africa scholars in China, recently hosted a conference ...