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Biden’s Sanctions on Chinese EVs Highlights Stark Divide Between U.S. and Global South

While the U.S. government moved aggressively on Tuesday to install massive new barriers intended to prevent Chinese electric vehicles from entering its market, Mexico, coincidentally on the same day, went entirely in the opposite direction — welcoming the launch of EV giant BYD's first-ever mid-size hybrid pick-up ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Japan-Kenya Loan Deal Shifts Chinese Influence

Japan will reportedly provide about $107 million in bilateral loans to Kenya for port, water, and electricity infrastructure, to be implemented from next week. The deal signals a stronger role for Japan as an external partner to the continent amid G7 anxieties about China’s influence.
The loans will be used to upgrade key infrastructure in Kenya:

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U.S., Philippines Increase Naval Presence in Western Pacific to “Safeguard Maritime Interests”

There will be be a lot more naval hardware soon in the Western Pacific as both the Philippines and the United States ramp up their deployments as part of a larger effort to confront China's growing presence in the region.

UK Foreign Secretary Cameron to Pressure China Over Red Sea Attacks

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron is the latest Western politician who apparently feels he can persuade China to use its influence to rein in Iran-backed Houthi militants attacking cargo vessels in the Red Sea. Cameron said he is going to ...

U.S., Canada Look to Wean Themselves Off Dependence on China for Critical Minerals

Energy ministers from the United States and Canada expressed deep reservations about their countries' current reliance on China for processed minerals that are used to power next-generation mobility and technologies. In separate interviews, U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Canada's Minister ...

Prabowo Subianto Set to Win Indonesia Presidency, Relations With China, U.S. Expected to Remain Stable

The clouds still hadn’t left the sky on Wednesday morning in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta, where millions were preparing to elect their new president and vice president. Parts of the city were flooded due to heavy rains on the previous night, causing some polling stations to ...