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Xi’s Speed Diplomacy on the Sidelines of the Belt and Road Forum

Xi Jinping’s presence at the Belt and Road Forum was dominated by his keynote address during which he announced a raft of new initiatives. However, he also engaged in speedy rounds of bilateral meetings and hosted a banquet on Tuesday night. ...

Chinese President Xi Jinping Outlines Next Phase of BRI

China will funnel about $100 billion into its state banks to fund the next phase of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This was one of the announcements during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s keynote presentation at the Belt and Road Forum, during which he outlined expansive plans for ...

The Number of Leaders Attending China’s Belt and Road Forums Has Fallen Steadily

While overall attendance at this year's Belt and Road Forum in Beijing was robust, the participation of heads of state and leaders of international organizations was down dramatically from the first forum in 2017. In fact, so few leaders attended this ...

Kenya’s President Appeals to Chinese Investors to Finance Railway Extension to Ugandan Border

Kenyan President William Ruto issued a direct appeal to Chinese investors to finance the extension of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) to the Ugandan border. The president explained that completing this last portion of the railway would unlock significant economic opportunities throughout ...

Ethiopia-China Ties Upgraded

China upgraded its relations with Ethiopia to an “all-weather” strategic partnership. The announcement came after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s meeting with Xi Jinping. The upgrade comes as Ethiopia is slowly emerging from its civil war and recently joined the BRICS group. ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

China Intensifies SE Asian Diplomacy Amid U.S.-Philippine Exercises

Tensions are high in the South China Sea as the Philippines kicks off its annual Balikatan joint military exercises with the United States. The opening ceremony of the three-week, 17,000-troop operation took place on Tuesday, aimed at “highlighting ironclad alliance” between Washington and Manila, according to the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. The exercises will also include France and Australia.
In response, China is signaling its own regional relationships. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi ...

Argentinian President Leans Into China Ties while Dissent Brews at Home

Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández visited Shanghai ahead of the Belt and Road Forum. He met with Dilma Rousseff, the head of the BRICS-led New Development Bank, as well as leaders of several companies, including Huawei and several large infrastructure companies. Notable was a 

The Old Belt & Road is Over, New Era Begins, Says Top China Analyst Richard McGregor

With the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing now wrapped up, some of the world's top China analysts are beginning to reflect on the key themes that emerged at this year's event and what it says about the future of Belt and Road.

Philippines-China Rail Cooperation In Crosshairs as Maritime Tensions Escalate

The Philippines is in a juggling act as tensions with Beijing escalate in the South China Sea but the countries remain engaged in multiple infrastructure projects. The two sides recently updated a Belt and Road deal prioritizing construction of two bridge ...

China’s Dominance of the EV Battery Metal Supply Chain

Chilean President Gabriel Boric oversaw the signing of a $233 million lithium deal on Tuesday with Chinese mining giant Tsingshan Holding Group, the latest investment that solidifies China's dominance of the fiercely contested EV battery metal supply chain.