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A Call for the African Union to Break the Global South Debt Impasse

Gyude Moore, a senior policy fellow at the Center for Global Development, is among a small group of Washington, D.C.-based analysts trying to devise practical solutions for how developing countries can unblock the current impasse preventing debt-distressed countries from restructuring their loans.

China Was a Key Theme at High Profile Africa Conference in Washington

China may not be a prominent topic of discussion at this week's U.S.-Africa summit but it was on Monday at a high-profile conference that featured a number of senior U.S. and Chinese officials. The event was organized by the seven-week-old media ...

“China-Africa Relations Are the Bedrock of China’s Foreign Policy,” Says Beijing Envoy

China's ambassador to the United States, Qin Gang, was among the keynote speakers at Monday's Semafor Africa Summit in Washington, D.C.  Although Qin has never been posted to Africa and doesn't have any firsthand experience with the issues, 

U.S. Playing “Catch Up” to China in Africa, Says Senior Commerce Department Official

U.S. Deputy Commerce Secretary Don Graves said the quiet part out loud on Monday at the Semafor Africa Summit in Washington, D.C., when he acknowledged that American stakeholders had fallen far behind China in terms of economic engagement in Africa. ...

What the U.S. Doesn’t Seem to Understand About Africa’s Ties With China

The following is a transcript of a seven-part Twitter thread written by World Politics Review Associate Editor Chris Olaoluwa Ògúnmọ́dẹdé on what he believes the U.S. doesn't understand about why African governments choose to engage with China. ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Xi Bets on Global South in Moscow

Today is a public holiday in South Africa – Human Rights Day. There’s a certain irony in spending the day focusing on China’s President Xi Jinping’s visit to Vladimir Putin, knee-deep in a human rights disaster.
What one makes of the Ukraine crisis increasingly maps on where one lives. This is made clear by a remarkable new set of polling data recently published by the European Council on Foreign Relations ...