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China’s Top Diplomats for MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa Are Both Touring the Continent

A flurry of high-level Chinese diplomacy is underway in Africa in the run-up to next week's Horn of Africa conference that Beijing is co-hosting with the Ethiopian government. On Sunday, Wang Di, China's top diplomat for the Middle East and North ...

China’s Special Envoy For the Horn of Africa Makes Final Preparations Ahead of Next Week’s Peace Conference

China's Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa met last week with diplomatic representatives from the eight Horn of Africa countries to go over details ahead of next Monday's first-ever Chinese-sponsored HoA peace conference that it's co-hosting with the Ethiopian government.

China Rates More Positively Among Young Africans than U.S.: Survey

A new survey shows that more young Africans see China as a positive influence in their lives than the United States. 76% of respondents rated China as a foreign power with a beneficial impact on their lives, while 72% said the same for the ...

Transsion’s Nearly Two-Year Run of Uninterrupted Growth in Africa Comes to an End

Two years of the pandemic, supply chain disruptions and slowing economies in Africa finally caught up with Shenzhen-based African mobile phone giant Transsion. The company released its first-quarter results earlier this month that revealed drops in revenues (1.8%), profits (7.6%), and smartphone sales (7%) compared to the ...

Mobile Phone Giant Tecno Wants a Piece of Kenya’s Booming Mobile Money Market

Transsion's Tecno brand is expanding its new mobile money service to Kenya this week. “The wallet has pilot launched in Nigeria in May, and roll-out to Kenya in middle of June," the company said in a statement. A mobile payment option from ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Philippine President Ramps Up Rhetoric as Local Attitudes Harden

The President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., told soldiers to be ready for any conflict amid a potential overlap of his country’s tensions with China in the South China Sea and growing tensions between China and Taiwan.
Speaking to troops at a base in the northern Isabela province on Monday, Marcos said: “The external threat now has become more pronounced, has become more worrisome, and that is why we have to ...

BBC Doc Tracks Origin of Racist “Shout-Out” Videos Featuring African Children

The BBC debuted a documentary investigating the origin of commissioned videos of African children being coached to recite messages in Chinese that have gone viral in China. These are frequently starkly racist and reveal the prevalence of anti-Black attitudes in China.

Happy Birthday, B3W! We Have Some Questions.

Very few noticed, but June 12 saw an important milestone: the one-year anniversary of the announcement of the Biden administration’s Build Back Better World (B3W) initiative. The plan drew on two kinds of connectivity. First, it was linked with Biden’s ...