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A European Perspective on China’s Expanding Military Ties in West Africa

Tom Bayes, a researcher at the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation in Berlin joins Eric & Cobus to discuss his new paper that explores the implications for Europe of China's expanding military role in West Africa. Show Notes: ...

Transport Minister Pushes Back Against Accusations that Chinese Loans Compromise Nigeria’s Sovereignty

Nigeria's Transportation Minister Chibuike Amaechi went on national television in an effort to tamp down the controversy erupting over whether Chinese loans will compromise the country's sovereignty. The issue surfaced last week when the Chairman of the House Committee on Treaties, ...

Sovereign Immunity Controversy in Nigeria Sparks Media Panic About Chinese “Debt Traps”

For much of the past week, Nigerian news outlets across the spectrum have published a series of alarming stories claiming that the country's sovereignty is now jeopardized by its various infrastructure loans, specifically on account of the standard sovereign immunity clauses in the loan agreements.

Uproar in Nigeria Over Fears that Chinese Loans Are Jeopardizing Sovereignty

A full-blown media and Twitter hysteria erupted on Wednesday in Nigeria over reports that a member of the House of Representatives discovered a clause in a Chinese loan contract that supposedly puts the country's sovereignty at risk in the event of default.

Be Careful, Warned Nigeria’s Transportation Minister, House Probe Threatens Chinese Loans

Nigerian Transportation Minister, Rotimi Amaechi, called on the house of representatives committee on treaties and agreements on Wednesday to suspend their investigation into past Chinese loans until Abuja has secured $500 million for three new loans to fund critical transportation projects. 

The U.S. Now Wants to Compete With China in the Fast-Growing Armed Drone Market in Africa and the Middle East

The United States is easing restrictions on the sale of armed drone technology to governments in the Middle East and elsewhere in a bid to avoid being left behind by Chinese competitors in this fast-growing segment.  The United States has now ...

China’s Growing Security Role in Africa

The German think tank the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) and the Berlin-based Mercator Institute for China Studies co-hosted a webinar last week that is now available online about China's growing security role in Africa.  The event included a presentation by 

Chinese Tech in Africa: What Happened to OPay & What Will Happen to Huawei?

Chinese-owned Nigerian tech company OPay started 2020 with $170 million of cash bursting from its pockets but even that much money wasn't enough to save the company from the dramatic economic downturn brought on by the COVID-19 ...

The U.S.’ Fortress-like Missions Look a Lot Different in Africa Than They Do in China

Anyone who's passed by a U.S. diplomatic outpost in Africa will appreciate the sentiments expressed by popular Nigerian political commentator Onye Nkuzi (nom de plume.) He pointed out how pedestrians are able to walk right outside the walls of the former consulate in Chengdu (also ...

The Power of Good Journalism: Nigeria Takes Action Against Chinese Mining Company in Response to Investigative Report

It's not often that an African government takes decisive action against a Chinese extractive resource company. In fact, it's quite rare. So, it's notable when investigators from Nigeria's Federal Government descended on the Chinese-owned Hongao Mining Company's site near Abuja to ...
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