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Biden Renews Debt Trap Allegation Against China Even Though the Charge Has Been Widely Debunked

U.S. President Joe Biden resurfaced the widely discredited debt trap accusation against China as part of a larger effort to differentiate Washington's economic engagement strategy in the Western Hemisphere from that of Beijing's. The president made the claim on Friday during his ...

All it Takes is a Simple Google Search to Confirm the China Debt Trap Meme Isn’t Real

President Joe Biden's latest reference to Chinese "debt traps" is part of a broader pattern among high-level U.S. legislative, government and military officials to level the charge against China's lending practices. It's odd that they continue to make the claim since it's been ...

Why the Repeated Claims of Chinese Debt Trap Diplomacy is So Damaging to U.S. Foreign Policy

U.S. President Joe Biden’s comment to leaders from the Americas that: “I want to make sure that our closest neighbors know they have a real choice between debt-trap diplomacy and high-quality transparent approaches to infrastructure and to development,” was only a passing moment. 

Japan Bolsters Closest-Ever Security Ties With Philipines as China Rattles Region

Japan and the Philippines agreed to begin talks to allow Japanese troop deployments on Filipino soil, as China’s actions in the region drive the two partners into their closest-ever security ties. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s weekend trip to meet with ...

Biden is Caught Between a Shoal and a Hard Place

U.S. President Joe Biden was unequivocal last month when he reaffirmed his commitment to defend the Philippines from an armed attack by Chinese naval forces in the South China Sea. "Any attack on Filipino aircraft, vessels, or armed forces will invoke ...

The U.S. Response to China’s Dominance of African Critical Minerals

Bloomberg correspondent Matthew Hill hosts a compelling eight minute mini-documentary on how the United States is now starting to mount a response to China's dominance of certain sectors of Africa's critical minerals supply chain. 

Chinese Envoys Push Peace Efforts But Real Ambitions Remain Unclear

The UN Security Council (UNSC) will hold a closed session on the Israel crisis on Monday at the request of China and the United Arab Emirates. China pledged to promote peace in the Palestinian territories as it took over the presidency of the UN Security Council last week.

Southward Bound

In moments of despair, when one spirals about, say, a genocide happening in front of our eyes, it’s sometimes good to read something silly and amusing. For me, this has recently been the spectacle of European and American commentators struggling with the term “Global South.”

Japan Embarks on Unfamiliar Path In Southeast Asia to Contain China

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida kicks off state visits to the Philippines and Malaysia on Friday in a move to project a more forceful image in a region where China is growing increasingly assertive. Kishida will meet with Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr, address ...

China Denies Omitting Israel From Maps

China’s government pointed out that its official maps include Israel, after social media users noted that the country was missing from maps services run by companies Baidu and Alibaba. The issue initially caused confusion, as multiple Western media outlets asserted that Israel was ...
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