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Q&A: Why is Benin on Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang’s African Tour Itinerary?

The newly appointed head of Chinese diplomacy, Qin Gang, has begun his first African tour which will take him to five countries. A visit that is part of the long tradition of Chinese diplomacy to reserve the first overseas tour to the African continent. ...

How This One Tweet Conveys Three Important China-Africa Trends

A Tweet on Wednesday by China's top diplomat for sub-Saharan Africa, Wu Peng, about yet another ground-breaking ceremony for a new school in Africa, this time in Ivory Coast, may seem mundane but it actually communicates three important trends in Africa-China relations:

Former Ambassador’s Column in Le Monde Highlights the Negative View of “Chinafrique” Among Political & Media Elites in France

Generally speaking, the widely-held narrative among media and political elites in France about the Chinese in Africa is very similar to that in the United States where the Chinese presence on the continent is viewed in decidedly negative terms.

The French Media’s View of FOCAC Was Decidedly Negative

Generally, the French view of last week's Forum on China-Africa Cooperation conference that took place in Senegal was not very positive. With headlines that spoke of Africa's "disillusionment" with China or overtly racist cartoons depicting China's vaccine donations on the continent, pessimism ...

France Watches FOCAC 8 With Skepticism

Coverage of this week's FOCAC 8 in the French media is considerably higher than in previous years, most likely because it's taking place in Senegal -- a francophone country that Paris has long viewed as in its traditional sphere of influence. ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

A Chinese Giant’s Complicity in South Africa’s Corruption Disaster

Anyone who knows a South African will be amply aware that the country is currently undergoing economically ruinous rolling blackouts labeled ‘loadshedding.’ Even if you don’t know them, South Africans are liable to follow you down the street, foam-flecked and shouting about Eskom, the corruption-addled state power utility.
The loadshedding scandal is rooted in corruption. It’s only the most visible part of a historical tragedy: how the ruling African National Congress ...

Youth Activists at France-Africa Summit: “We Expect to Be Part of the Process”

The young African civil society activists who attended last week's France-Africa summit in Montpellier gave voice to the surging frustration over their countries' ties with France, and by extension other foreign powers. Among the key themes that emerged was the demand ...

Hunan Provincial Authorities Provide Film & Media Training to 65 Journalists From Across Francophone Africa

Media companies and government officials from China's central Hunan province are in the midst of a two-week training program for French-speaking journalists from across Africa, including 20 from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and others from Senegal, Cameroon, and Gabon among other countries. ...