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France-Africa Business Forum Opens Amid Questions Over How the French Can Compete Against the Chinese

The two-day Ambition Africa forum that gets underway today at the Ministry of Finance in Paris is intended to inject new energy into French business ventures in Africa that have increasingly been sidelined by Chinese and other competitors on the continent.

Report: EU Should Follow Example Set by China’s Development Path in Africa

A new report reportedly calls for an urgent overhaul of the EU aid strategy in Africa or else risk it's "global standing." In a bit of an odd twist, the authors of the report, or the so-called group of "wise persons" (yes, that's what they're called, no ...

The US/EU/JPN All Seem to Want to Challenge China’s Development Push in Africa… But They’ll Never Admit It

The U.S., Europeans and Japanese have all convened Africa-focused development summits in 2019 and one theme has emerged from all of them: everyone is keen to catch up or somehow rival China's dominance of the African infrastructure and development space.  ...
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