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Biden’s Sanctions on Chinese EVs Highlights Stark Divide Between U.S. and Global South

While the U.S. government moved aggressively on Tuesday to install massive new barriers intended to prevent Chinese electric vehicles from entering its market, Mexico, coincidentally on the same day, went entirely in the opposite direction — welcoming the launch of EV giant BYD's first-ever mid-size hybrid pick-up ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Japan-Kenya Loan Deal Shifts Chinese Influence

Japan will reportedly provide about $107 million in bilateral loans to Kenya for port, water, and electricity infrastructure, to be implemented from next week. The deal signals a stronger role for Japan as an external partner to the continent amid G7 anxieties about China’s influence.
The loans will be used to upgrade key infrastructure in Kenya:

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Developing Countries That Export Critical Resources Could be Collateral Damage in the U.S.-China Trade War

The $18 billion of Chinese products targeted by the U.S. for increased tariffs will not have a measurable impact on a trade relationship worth more than $600 billion annually. But that's not the case for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, ...

Senior U.S. Diplomat Accuses Chinese Company of “Predatory” Tactics to Depress Cobalt Prices

The top U.S. diplomat for energy and the environment, Jose Fernandez, accused Chinese mining giant CMOC of using "predatory" practices to intentionally flood the market with cobalt to suppress prices: “What we’re seeing now, I feel, is a variation of predatory pricing ...

Philippine Civilian Convoy Sails Towards Disputed Reef

By Faith Brown Civilians on board Philippine fishing boats sailed Wednesday towards a China-controlled reef off the Southeast Asian country, handing out aid to Filipino fishermen and dropping buoys to assert their rights to the disputed waterway.