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What’s in Store for Chinese Companies Encouraged to Invest in Equatorial Guinea?

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister, Qin Gang, recently urged Chinese companies to invest in Equatorial Guinea and expressed that the Chinese market is open to receiving more products from the African nation. After meeting his Equatorial Guinea counterpart, Simeon ...

Geopolitical Pressure Is Just One of the Global South’s Problems

I'm writing to you shortly after recording a podcast episode with the technology expert John Lee about the ramifications of the U.S.-China tech dispute for the rest of the world. That conversation will reach your inbox next week, but it made ...

The Far-Reaching Consequences of China’s Demand for African Donkeys

Elephants, rhinos, and lions usually come to mind first in discussions about the China-Africa animal trade, not donkeys. But surging demand for donkey hides used to manufacture a Chinese traditional medicinal product is having a devastating impact on rural populations across ...

WEEK IN REVIEW: Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida to Embark on a Four-Nation African Tour Next Month

Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida will embark on a four-nation African tour next month, a trip widely seen as an effort to counter Chinese and Russian influence on the continent. This will be the first visit to Africa by a Japanese leader since 2016. (NIKKEI ASIA)