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Youth Activists at France-Africa Summit: “We Expect to Be Part of the Process”

The young African civil society activists who attended last week's France-Africa summit in Montpellier gave voice to the surging frustration over their countries' ties with France, and by extension other foreign powers. Among the key themes that emerged was the demand ...

NGO Describes 2008 China-DR Congo Sicomines Deal Described as “Unconscionable”

It sounds like the soon-to-be-released report by the Congolese branch of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is going to be unsparing in its criticism of the 2008 Sino-Congolese deal that created the Sicomines joint venture mining company.

Photo of the Day: The PLA is “Under the Party’s Command”

This image of newly arrived Chinese blue helmets in the DRC provides an important reminder that, unlike most other militaries that operate under the command of their national government, the PLA is "under the Party's command" per the container in the background.

As Biden’s Build Back Better Initiative Stalls at Home, Many Doubt the World Edition Will Fare Any Better

With U.S. President Joe Biden's ambitious $3.5 trillion infrastructure agenda bogged down in Congress, his campaign promise to "Build Back Better" now hangs in limbo. If the president's plan fails to make it out of Congress, or if it's scaled down to the point where it's ...

Kenya Led the World in Finishing Chinese-Funded Infrastructure Projects Ahead of Schedule

Kenya completed more Chinese-financed construction projects ahead of schedule than any other country in the world, according to the findings from AidData's recently released report on Belt and Road financing.  AidData, a research lab based at William & ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Great Changes Unseen in a Century (and Frequently Ignored Now)

Big things are happening in the world, but don’t expect me to tell you what they are. 

Like many South Africans, I’ve been a little distracted these days. The country’s notorious electricity situation has worsened to blackouts three times a day. People like me, whose work depends on internet access, migrate across the city every few hours to cafes and other workplaces that still have power. All the time, Johannesburg ...

No, “Chinese-Africans” Were Not the First to Inhabit Japan’s Islands

This photo of Tibetan nuns has been circulating since 2018 and soon after a fake meme emerged on Facebook that claimed they were the first humans to inhabit some of Japan's islands. The team at AFP Fact Check dug into the ...

An Important Lesson For China at Macron’s Contentious Africa-France Summit

11 young people from across Africa sat on stage alongside Emmanuel Macron on Friday (photo) and directly confronted the French President with their frustrations regarding France's centuries of history on the continent. It was incredible to watch these young people fearlessly ...