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Chinese Agricultural Engagement in Africa in the Post C19-Era

China's importing a lot more African agricultural products these days. Zambian blueberries were recently approved to enter the China market, Namibian beef shipments started this year, Ghanaian cocoa is now traded through a new exchange in Hunan province and, after more ...

Amazingly, China’s Trade With Egypt Actually Increased This Year

While China's trade with Africa fell by almost 20% in the first half of the year, two-way trade with Egypt actually increased compared to the same time last year, according to new data from the Chinese embassy in Cairo.

Gyude Moore: Amid Heightened U.S.-China Tensions, Europe Can be a Stabilizing Force for Africa

With both Europe and Africa uncomfortably stuck in the middle of the increasingly acrimonious U.S.-China conflict, Gyude Moore, a senior policy analyst at the Center for Global Development in Washington, proposes in a new article that stronger EU-Africa ties could serve as an important ballast ...

Debt Trap? Nah, We’re Too Disorganized For Anything Like That Says China’s Chargé d’Affaires in Nigeria

China's Chargé d'Affaires in the embassy in Nigeria, Zhao Yong, provided an uncharacteristically frank rebuttal last week to the persistent accusations that Beijing is engaged in predatory lending in Nigeria and Africa writ large. In typical fashion, Zhao blamed the U.S. ...

How the World’s Great Powers Are Exacerbating the Security Crisis in the Sahel

Russia-MENA analyst and Oxford University PhD candidate Samuel Ramani argues in a compelling new article in Foreign Policy that a combination of narrow political agendas, unilateral actions and a bias towards supporting authoritarian governments by France, the U.S., Russia and China are all contributing to ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Chinese Foreign Minister to Lead UN Security Council Meeting on Gaza

Wang Yi, China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, will chair a UN Security Council (UNSC) meeting in New York on the ongoing crisis in Gaza.
China, the current UNSC president, called the meeting scheduled for November 29. It comes as the two sides are looking into extending the temporary ceasefire that started last week to allow for the return of further Israeli hostages and Palestinian detainees.

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Chinese Donation of Motorbikes Highlights Police-to-Police Ties With Lesotho

China's ambassador to the tiny landlocked southern African country of Lesotho led a handover ceremony last week of dozens of police motorbikes donated by China's Ministry of Public Security (China's domestic law enforcement agency). The donation highlights how so much of ...

From Politics to Tech: Lessons on China-Africa Engagement

Two podcasts of note this month, one about politics and the other focused on tech, provide some excellent insights on two very different aspects of Sino-African engagement. CSIS' INSIDE AFRICA PODCAST: "China's footprint in Africa extends beyond infrastructure projects and ...

New TV Ad Controversy With Anti-Black Racial Overtones Erupts

Star Wars star John Boyega resigned from his role as spokesperson for Jo Malone today after the British perfume brand replaced him with Liu Haoran, a popular Chinese actor, for the version of their TV commercial that was aired in Mainland China.