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China Names Veteran Diplomat Xue Bing to Newly Created Role of Special Envoy For the Horn of Africa

The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced that senior diplomat Xue Bing, most recently the ambassador to the South Pacific island state of Papua New Guinea (PNG), will be China's first Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa. Xue's appointment ...

Lai Mohammed: Even Without Chinese Financing, Nigeria Won’t Give Up Building New Railways

It's beginning to settle in among Nigeria's governing class that once abundant Chinese railway financing is no more. Transportation Minister Rotimi Amaechi was the first to acknowledge the new reality earlier this month when he told the Guardian newspaper (Nigeria) that the country's future railway ...

Now You Can Read the Chinese Business Association in Zimbabwe’s Plan in English on How to Resolve Feud With Civil Society Groups

The Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in Zimbabwe published an English-language version of its 9-point plan on how to resolve the months-long dispute with civil society groups over reports of widespread labor and environmental violations. And just as the Chinese embassy in ...

It’s Been Five Years Since South Africa Started Selling Beef to the Chinese and They Still Don’t Know What They’re Doing, Says Expert

South Africa was among the first, and still one of the few African countries that has been allowed to export beef to China but today, five years later, SA ranchers still don't understand the Chinese market according Dong Wang, director of the China Marketing Solutions consultancy.

Envisioning a “Non-China-Centric” U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Africa

U.S. foreign policy towards Africa has been adrift for years, even decades, as Washington focused its attention on wars in West Asia, confrontations in the Persian Gulf, and a much-hyped Pivot to Asia. In fact, it's been 19 years since the launch of the 

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

China Intensifies SE Asian Diplomacy Amid U.S.-Philippine Exercises

Tensions are high in the South China Sea as the Philippines kicks off its annual Balikatan joint military exercises with the United States. The opening ceremony of the three-week, 17,000-troop operation took place on Tuesday, aimed at “highlighting ironclad alliance” between Washington and Manila, according to the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. The exercises will also include France and Australia.
In response, China is signaling its own regional relationships. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi ...

Ummm… Errr…. Sorry, Apple Can’t Produce iPhones in Africa

The suggestion by a Washington, D.C. lobbying firm that "there is no reason why Apple cannot produce iPhones in Africa instead of China" is the latest evidence of just how delusional the discourse in the U.S. capital is today.